JL2 Scam Wallet

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JL2 Scam Wallet

Postby philipsw » May 22nd, '09, 18:36

The Effect

They say:

An exclusive magic prop from JL2 Magic
This beautifully designer leather wallet is perfect for the professional magician. This custom made sho gun style wallet looks like an every day Hip Wallet but it holds an ingenious secret that allows the magician to make objects appear,disappear and even transform objects or perform mindreading effects! Available in BLACK and BROWN.

There are a multitude of different routines & effects that you can perform with the JL2 Scam Wallet. Manufactured by JL2Magic The wallet comes with Broadcast Quality DVD & full colour written instructions Live performance and three routines to get you started that will Kill your audience.


JL2 sell it direct for £44.95 including a DVD of routines and instruction booklet. I bought the wallet on its own from MagicCave for somewhat less.

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)


Well as some of you will know I have been wanting to perform a KK type effect for ages and spent some time looking for the perfect wallet. I have owned at various points the KK/Heirloom Wallet and the Outlaw Hideout, and had actually given up on gaffed wallets and was intending to stick to a straight one when I met this fella.

Big warning here - everyone wants something different in a wallet - this one suits me!

Firstly, it is beautifully made and is the nicest leather I have seen in a 'magic' wallet. Really soft. In fact, my wife is getting a little worried because I keep sniffing it every time I put something in or take something out of it :-)

Secondly, it is small. This is important to me but maybe not to everyone. It is actually even smaller than my regular wallet (which this has now become!). It is like a credit card holder (3 slots on each side) with a money pocket.

It is gaffed as you would expect a 'shogun' or predator wallet to be. Can't say too much more without exposing. Unlike the KK/Heirloom wallet there are no 'pockets within the pocket' if you get my drift. This is not a problem for how I intend to use it.

I watched a dem of both a 'half' KK (which is what I will use it for) and for a version of 'Predator' - so its good for both. I may also use it for a version of the old Koran 5 Star Prediction.


I love it. I was really debating about whether to buy it or not (a magnificent attempt to hold off CUPS) and conceded because the price was good, and I thought I could always sell it on if it didn't suit. Suffice to say, I won't be selling it on.

You can also, for those so inclined, get a little gadget to give this some kind of peek function. I have not tried this and do not need the facility but may be of interest to those who do...

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