Pre Thoughts By Banachek

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Pre Thoughts By Banachek

Postby Hardik » Jun 4th, '09, 23:30

The Effect
Banachek's Pre Thoughts is a lecture notes booklet available from most magic dealers. It contains :
1) An excellent introduction by Richard Hatch
2) Thoughts about My Style - An essay by Banachek about his performance style
3) Magician Theories - Another essay by the great Banachek.
4) The Roger Klause Theory - A third essay by Banachek detailing his experience with Roger Klause, and Klause's theory about young magicians.
5) The Show - Banachek's mentalism show

USD 10 off most dealers

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

Well, the effects are mostly 1-2 . But the presentation has to be excellent, and as Banachek says, will take a lot of time and practise !

This was another one of my purchases as a newcomer in mentalism, and I am so happy I purchased this manuscript !

The essays are really great, providing me a good base for some further reading in mentalism.

The Show - Well what can I say ? I was expecting a couple of effects listed out, like they usually are, in a book ! Boy I was in for a surprise ! Banachek actually details every single word he says in the show, i.e. , first he provides the whole transcript of the show, and this I feel was the most amazing part of these notes !
Next, he details each effect and provides thoughts and tips on them. The effects are :

1) A chair prediction effect.
2) An add-a-number effect.
3) The alphabet game - An effect utilizing a wallet Banachek markets
4) Future Card thought - An amazing prediction effect.

I used these effects in a mini-show I performed for friends, using some other effects from Professional Presentations (Al Koran) and Easy to Master Mental Miracles (Richard Osterlind), and the reactions were amazing , especially for Banachek's effects , which are so simple and direct ( or SAD as Looch would say ) . Actually , performing all these great effects together undermined their value ! I really have to routine these effects of Banachek separately so they retain their deserved credit !


9/10 - Great manuscript for a beginner like me ! It has helped me a lot !

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Postby Craig Browning » Jun 5th, '09, 01:48

Do understand that Steve actually used most of that material as his show for quite some time in his early career. It's some darn good stuff and it gives you a fairly solid idea as to how to structure a show.

You may want to look up some of the other "Night Club" acts out there. I know that Water's has a couple of routines of this sort in Mind, Myth & Magic that play very well. Bob Cassidy's Jazz Q&A is priceless in my book and everyone should know the Dunninger Club Act (it's actually served as the launching pad for many major players or our present)

By learning from such foundation materials you can discover how to best round out your own program over time.

Sounds like you've made a solid start :wink:

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Craig Browning
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Postby Hardik » Jun 5th, '09, 04:51

Yes Craig !
The effects from this manuscript are very very strong ! And the impact can be judged only when properly performed. !

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Postby TonyB » Jun 7th, '09, 23:49

I bought this booklet many years ago, and was very happy with it, particularly with the essays. Although none of the routines found their way into my act, I was delighted to be able to study his staging in such detail. I tried out the chair prediction once or twice, but it did not suit my performing style.
However there is a danger when a distinctive performer goes into such detail about his routines. I was at a convention once and a performer came out who did the complete show - every word that Banachek had written. And he bored the pants off us all. This is Banachek's routine, and if you want to make it your routine you will have to put a bit of work into it, not just ape his presentation.
That aside, a very good buy.

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