Koornwinder Kar

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Koornwinder Kar

Postby Yano » Jun 8th, '09, 12:22

The Effect
Spectator freely selects a card, no force! Then the magical car finds the chosen card! It is so magnificent, however, that numerous knock-off products have been released worldwide. Tenyo is proud to announce that we are the first to obtain permission from creator Dick Koornwinder to release this effect. In addition, we have developed a brand new card design that enables you to pass out the car for examination.

Bought it for $40.00 AU off ebay i thought it was quite a good price considering the knock offs (Crystal Buggy Car) cost $120 or something.

3/10 Not hard at all however does require some showmanship i reckon.

Ok the gimmick works great! The car stops when its meant to. Just do a secret move and u can hand the car out for inspection. Its quite durable i reckon. Plus it looks great, doesn't scratch easy and looks like a quality toy, not some cheap thing. However i do have some trouble doing the secret move 1 hand however i haven't played around with it much, and sometimes it makes a noise. Lastly might just be the surface i use however the car can slip abit is what i found out.

I would give this effect 8/10
This trick will keep ur audience wondering for ages. Its great gimmick and i recommend it.

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