ANATE by Dee Christopher

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Postby Scotbloke » Sep 23rd, '10, 18:57

I must say I purchased this trick a good few months ago.

Used it a good few times since then, need to get it down pat, but otherwise a sound purchase.

Wife caught me out the first time, hence the need to get the 'routine' perfected. Easy enough though. :)

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Postby CalebWiles » Oct 29th, '10, 14:04

Mr_Grue wrote:Hi Caleb. Please can you post the review in full here? It's sort of a rule...

Sorry, here's the review:

This is a tough item to review… a really tough item to review. That’s not due to the quality of what’s being offered. It’s just difficult to talk about the ANATE concept without exposing it. Here’s what the ad says…

ANATE is a psychological technique.
It’s a subtlety that is not 100% sure fire, but when you get the technique down and you hit, you’ll know it.
Imagine placing one card on the table, face down. The spectator decides on a card, they turn over the card to reveal a perfect match. The place explodes.

Imagine holding your wallet in full view and asking a spectator to name a card. The card is then instantly pulled from your wallet.
Imagine something that you can carry with you always, to create impossible, unbelievable prop-free demonstrations with boundaries as limitless as your imagination.
This is ANATE.

There is no indexing, no gimmicks, no stacks, no nothing. All you need is a single playing card, or a maximum of four cards in your wallet, or maybe a post-it note to write a prediction.

The reviews speak for themselves. As mentioned before, this is a psychological technique. With the correct study and performance you will blow people’s minds, it’s not for everyone… Is it for you?

So, what is ANATE? In short, it is a linguistic technique that is extremely easy to understand. Implementing it in a way that doesn’t make its working obvious to a spectator, however, will take a little work. Also, it is not 100%. That being said, it probably stands up better than any other psychological force I have ever come across.

Does the e-book deliver what is promised? Well, sort of. Most people, I think, will be interested in the first effect mentioned where one card is placed face down on the table and the spectator names it. To be fair, it isn’t that straightforward. The spectator doesn’t simply name a card; instead they must settle on a suit and then name a value. The procedure for naming the value is extrememely direct. That is the power of ANATE. The process for naming the suit is left to the magician to figure out. Those with some experience in magic will be able to work out the missing elements, but Dee only devotes two lines to this idea.

The routine that I imagine more people will use is the one where the named card appears in the performer’s pocket or wallet. This idea is extremely direct as there is much more freedom with regards to the suit of the selection.

I saw a guy on an internet forum refer to this type of effect as “naked mentalism.” He is absolutely correct. While the main idea focuses on the use of playing cards, the ANATE force may be used in other situations. Imagine writing down a number on a piece of paper and asking a spectator to guess what it is. They get it right. There are no nail writers or billet switches, just the ANATE principle at work.

It is important when looking at an effect that isn’t surefire to find a useful out in case it doesn’t work. Dee covers a basic out that will get the job done, but I think it seems like a bit of a cop out to the audience. Devin Knight suggested a wonderful way to practice the effect on a post on The Magic Cafe. He suggests performing the routine with a Brainwave or ID as you are practicing. This will allow you to test drive the technique without a risk of failure. As you become more confident, you may eliminate these crutches and perform it as taught in the e-book.

The e-book is only 8 pages. This may sound small, but the concept can be explained in a couple of sentences. The rest of the document discusses tips and outs to use with the ANATE force. This is sort of an all or nothing deal. This isn’t like most magic products where if you don’t like one aspect of the product, you can still gain something from the other parts of it. With ANATE, you get one very small secret. If it ends up fitting you, I think you’ll find it’s a worthwhile addition to your toolbox. However, it’s a bit pricey if you’re just curious to hear the technique.

- Available for $20 from

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Postby GreatAlexander » Jan 31st, '11, 13:59

I bought it , and I dont like it. I cant find a way to use this idea in spanish

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Re: ANATE by Dee Christopher

Postby Mr Grumpy » Sep 27th, '11, 10:06

Sounds like this could be a good alternative to K Killer. Am I right? I was thinking of buying K Killer but I'm not sure I could afford the wallet space.

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Re: ANATE by Dee Christopher

Postby Part-Timer » Sep 29th, '11, 09:50

Yes, you could use it like that, but unlike KK, there would be no out (unless you use an ID or whatever). I'd say using ANATE like this is actually a bit closer to KENT (another Knepper effect, although Bob Farmer might have some grounds for disagreement) in one respect.

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Re: ANATE by Dee Christopher

Postby Vanderbelt » Sep 29th, '11, 22:14

I'd recommend Bryn Reynold's Seven over this as an alternative to K Killer. It's in his Safron Papers book/ebook. There's a review around here somewhere. By me.

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Postby Rob » Sep 29th, '11, 22:43

GreatAlexander wrote:I bought it , and I dont like it. I cant find a way to use this idea in spanish

Perhaps you missed Dee's post, on the previous page, where he explicity states:

deechristopher wrote:I must stress that this will only work in English as far as I know, I've yet to find another language that it does work in, so unless you perform in English, it won't be for you!

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Postby Mr Grumpy » Oct 3rd, '11, 17:48

GreatAlexander wrote:I bought it , and I dont like it.

I didn't buy it, and I do like it. Can we swap?

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Re: ANATE by Dee Christopher

Postby Ste Porterfield » Oct 3rd, '11, 19:58

[edit]Didn't see second page...

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