Pandora's Box - Jay Sankey

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Pandora's Box - Jay Sankey

Postby Mickeyboy » Jul 8th, '09, 00:53

£17.99 from Sankey Magic

We all say it all the time, but the best ideas really are the simplest.

Rather than a single effect, this simple gimmick turns the card case you have on you anyway into an excellent utility device for vanishing/reappearing or transposing any small objects like jewellery, keys, marked coins or bottlecaps, folded business cards etc.

The gimmick takes about five minutes to fix and doesn't interfere with carrying cards in the case. The accompanying DVD shows the basic principle (which you guessed the moment you fitted the gizmo) and some sussed and snappy routines, all of which fly in the real world.

I certainly don't make it the centrepiece of my act, but for someone like me, whose routines rely on improvisation and spontaneity , it's proving an invaluable little bonus. I'm a fan.

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Postby IrieMagic » Jul 21st, '09, 21:31

Hi Thanks for the review
I was wondering can the box be examined?

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Postby IAIN » Jul 21st, '09, 22:20


well, there's the rub...

its just a card box - no one should want to examine it...

some magicians have a weird kind of tendency to demand that everything "be examinable", when truly, if treated right - there's not much that should be...


Postby Mickeyboy » Jul 22nd, '09, 01:40

The thing is this; you've had the card case sitting openly on the table in front of you right the way through your routine, and the effect is done on the palm of a spec's hand. I've not had any grief whatsoever with people wanting to examine the case.

Although I make a point of doing the two ring transpo at all my gigs now, probably the best way to use a Pandora's Box is like you would use a Sankey Fine Print - you just carry your cards around in it and use it when the mood takes you.

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Postby Cameron Francis » Jul 27th, '09, 16:32

This really is fantastic. The simplicity of the gimmick is what makes it so genius.

Cameron Francis
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