Time Change

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Time Change

Postby yddraig » Jul 17th, '09, 13:07

The Effect
Time Change


£9.99 at
http://www.magicbox.uk.com/shop.php/sho ... _1414.html

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

2 More for a people management point of view

They say

We predict this will be one of the best-selling items for 2008 and one you won't ever leave home without! A mind-blowing mentalism routine ideal for all close-up situations. A stack of cards with a photo of an old pocket watch is shown, the time on the pocket watch is written on the card and signed by a spectator which is then placed on a table. A wrist watch is borrowed and the magician pulls out the stem to show the hands turn freely. The spectator then takes their watch face down and turns the stem to a random time.

The magician claims that the time on the wrist watch will now match the time on the signed card. However, when the watch is turned over it does NOT match. The performer then snaps his fingers and the card is turned over showing that the time on the POCKET WATCH has now CHANGED! The signed card is then handed out for the spectator to keep.

Time change comes complete with everything you need to start performing this right away.


Taken me a while to review this, I needed to step back and try it out before I started up in Rant Mode :evil:

I decided to take a plunge (damn C.U.P.S.) when Magic Box had their 10% off offer and was looking for an effect that would add to a routine or play on its own, and I wanted to use an old pocket watch that looked great. I thought that this effect would fit the bill (ok, I was also after an inexpensive Time Machine esque routine too.... :oops: )
So I saw this and thought "mmmm" (as you do), had a chat with the friendly folks at Magicbox and was told the principle it was based on. This gave me doubts but when I asked if it was repeatable to a group and was told "... well yes, sort of.." I assumed that the props had a variety of outcomes and so took the plunge.
It is, but it (isn't unless you want to blow the workings).

Nothing against the good folk at Magicbox, I found them very friendly and helpful, and yes, I do understand that they can't give too much away over the phone otherwise they'd never sell anything. :)

The effect is based on an old and oft used principle. Now the quality of the main props are good and the image is very clear, but I wish they had chosen either a different image or images on the Give Aways (complexity would make it more believable, harder to work, yes, but more believable)..... (trying hard not to give away too much).
Also, you have to be careful on the spectator you choose, it will NOT work with everyone so don't try it as an opener, unless you want to stare at the punters first :? Introduce it after you've worked them and had a chance to decide who to use.


For £10 I don't think it has the punch it promised, nor the believability. Other similar effects are out there for a lot less.
Saying that, I didn't think of this way of working the principle and that's what I paid for i my opinion, but I'll be printing new cards once I find an old pocket watch on ebay that fits the routine. Hard choice to give an overall, the kit's not, in my opinion, worth £10, but the idea may well be...... once I make my own versions :D . There are better ways of spending £10

So, yes, a good idea, but the routine given does not work for me as smoothly as using my own props and introducing it as a clairvoyant pocket watch...... this is how I plan on using it in the future.

4/10 as a packet trick
7/10 for the idea it's given me (I just wish I'd spent the £10 on a book instead and got the idea there).

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Postby IAIN » Jul 17th, '09, 13:31


i'd looked at this effect before - and something about it just didnt seem right...thank you for confirming it....


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