Review: Flaming Business Card

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Review: Flaming Business Card

Postby escamoteur_blog » Aug 8th, '09, 09:27

Just imagine you were able to produce a burning business card anytime, anywhere, blow it out and hand it over to someone. Exactly this can you do with the "Flaming" business card wallet from kaktusFX from Switzerland.


You get a very good manufactured wallet made of genuine lamb nappa leather. There have been other wallets for this purpose on the market but as I know they only support one or two business cards. That’s not enough for most situations, because after you have handed out the first, everybody aroung wnts to have one too. With this you can place up to 6-8 of your paper business cards (laminated cards won’t work) into three compartments on the last page of the wallet. You have to give some drops of fire fluid into each compartment and your are done.

So prepared you are able within the next two hours to hand over this really HOT give away.

The price is 59 €


Unfortunately the website of kaktusFX is at the moment rebuilt, but you can order the wallet by email:

You see a video clip of the wallet in action ... ness-card/


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Postby Fabian » Aug 8th, '09, 22:28

Why is it that I get the impression that you are somehow affiliated with this product? Hmm? :roll:

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Postby escamoteur_blog » Aug 9th, '09, 12:47

I only can promis you that I'm not. I bought my own from kaktusFX for the same price.
It's only that I really exited about this item.

The only point where you could acuse me is that I want people to get known my blog.

But I can really ensure you that I mean what I say when writing a review.



Postby jackleg » Aug 9th, '09, 13:24

visually beautiful but I just know i'd end up burning someones hair off! lol

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Postby escamoteur_blog » Aug 9th, '09, 13:49

What is important, is to use the right amount of fire fluid. I had several times the whole wallet burning.

As the fire fluid I use evaporetes very fast it's not that dangerous and you can blow out the card easily.

If you ones have seen the reaction of someone given such a card you want to do it again and again.


Postby sordini » Aug 11th, '09, 19:30

With regard to putting to much lighter fluid on: In my opinion the perfect amount is just enough to extinguish the flame with a flick of the card.

This is very good for the price.

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Postby escamoteur_blog » Aug 11th, '09, 19:47

Yes, but compared with the wallet I reviewed the cheap one on ebay can only deliver ONE burning card.

What do you do if the next person wants one??


Postby sordini » Aug 11th, '09, 20:03

The wallet can produce multiples. I have not seen your wallet.

On the Physics: I have found a few drops in any wallet is not sufficient for an evenings performance. It you prepare at 5pm, and perform at 7pm your body temperature will evaporate the fluid. I think you need to treat the cards + put a few drops in the wallet. If possible store the wallet in the case, and only pocket it for the bare minimum amount of time.

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Postby escamoteur_blog » Aug 11th, '09, 20:59

Are you selling this wallet? Could you post a picture of it??


Postby Mandrake » Aug 11th, '09, 21:45

escamoteur_blog wrote:Are you selling this wallet? Could you post a picture of it??

Just a reminder. sales are restricted to the Trading Area so best course of action here is to negotiate by PM :wink:

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Postby IAIN » Aug 11th, '09, 23:08

personally, i just dont see the point in any fire wallet....

its surprising, but its not magic really...if a book were to burst into flames, then at least you'd have some kind of occultish reasoning behind it...

but a business card? nah...bleurgh :cry: :?


Postby themagicwand » Aug 11th, '09, 23:47

"I asked for your business card not 3rd degree burns you blithering idiot."

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Postby IAIN » Aug 12th, '09, 00:02

i like the idea of handing over a business card for the local burns unit...


Postby escamoteur_blog » Aug 12th, '09, 07:08

I think it is quite magical. How can a business card be taken out, burning and then handed over without being burnt.

If you once saw the reaction of a spectator you will believe me.


Postby TheMagicMaker » Apr 15th, '10, 06:34

Hey, I know this is an old post but in the event that some people might be stumbling on it like I just did I though you might like to know that Peter Austin just came out with his version of a "flaming Business card" wallet and has ingeniously incorporated the effect with other fire effects into ONE wallet as well! TOTALLY INGENIOUS! I just got one and I'm just totally BLOWN AWAY with how amazing it is and how great his design and quality is. This is one of the FEW magic effects I've ever purchased where I feel I got MORE than I paid for. It truly is a work of art!

And as for all the problems and questions you talk about, well, it seems he has FIXED them all! No more problems and they work BETTER than anything on the market that I've ever seen in my over 20 years of doing magic. No more evaporation problems, you can do one card right after the other, and much more... You should check it out for yourself at his website:

You'll find it under the "21st Century Fire Wallets" section of the menu on the left side.

PM me and let me know what you think...


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