Southampton/Hampshire meet?

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Southampton/Hampshire meet?

Postby Ivy » Aug 12th, '09, 23:39

Hey guys and girls!

I am a COMPLETE begginer however my interest and passion has now been sparked and i will not stop til ive perfected the art...

I was wondering if anyone resides in sunny southampton or round abouts, i know of one person but i wondered if anyone wanted to meet up as its now summer (allegidly) and have a drink or a picnic?

It would be great to meet some like minded people!

Much love


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Postby magicdiscoman » Aug 13th, '09, 02:22

have a drink or a picnic?

tuna rolls & diet coke mmm lovely. :wink: :D
theres some guys in portsmouth the magic attic being one and mr magic, not curently on here.
im sure you'll get some other shout outs, being a lady of distinction and class. :lol:


Postby Ivy » Aug 13th, '09, 02:32

I'l make sure i have extra tuna rolls then and diet coke is required for one of the only "Tricks" i can do at this very moment :)

Now im back in southampton discoman and healthy (as healthy as i ever get) you will have to have a trip over the water and teach me your knowlege oh great and wise one !

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Location: (21:EN)Derby, uk- soon to be southampton

Postby magicdiscoman » Aug 13th, '09, 02:46

you have my details I'm shure we can arrange something at your convinience, i'll even introduce you to sammy the psychic symian.


Postby Roshandc » Aug 20th, '09, 15:39

Hey guys, I am also a massive beginner but recently have started to get really into learning and researching types of magic, been using this site for a few days and found things like book reviews really helpful :)

So yea i would love to meet up for a drink/picnic (and help) or what ever but i wont be back properly in Soton till about mid september before uni starts :p (except this weekend i will be there)


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Postby dat8962 » Aug 20th, '09, 19:49

If you get the chance for a drive through the NEw Forest then take a trip down to Bournemouth - Boscombe to be precise and visit Mike Danata in his magic studio.

Mike has been a guide and an inspiration to a number of magicians based in the South and I count myself as one of them.

Say hi from me when you go.

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Re: Southampton/Hampshire meet?

Postby Mynci » Mar 2nd, '12, 10:28

Wow old thread but I'm from Southampton and would also be interested in finding out if there are any meets here or portsmouth.

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Re: Southampton/Hampshire meet?

Postby mathewpearce » Aug 11th, '12, 18:19

Hey, um im a young mentalist/ hypnotist, am willing to learn and teach a few things ive picked up , if anyone wants to meet contact on
so yeah hope to see you soon!

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