Lethal Tender Review

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Lethal Tender Review

Postby JimmyS1985 » Aug 22nd, '09, 17:54

Not sure if you UK guys will have trouble finding a Kennedy HalfDollar to complete the trick since it doesnt come with one but here in America my Dad had to go to 3 banks to find a Kennedy Half dollar and all he found was a Bicentennial one, which doesnt match up with the non-Bicentennial Half Dollar in the trick (hopefully no one examines the coins close up or is familiar with the differences between the two)

Anyways I got this trick in the mail, took me about 10 performances to perfect it without spectators knowing the gimmick.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2wQVpnTt ... re=related

Instead of leaving one of the two coins in the wallet, which requires you to control your angles more, I pull both coins out, put both in my hand, then pull out the chinese coin that looks like a Kennedy half dollar on one half out and place it on top of my hand. Some spectators saw I had screwed up my angles when trying to leave one coin in the wallet and could tell there was more than one kennedy half dollar looking coin.

Anyways I find that if you pull the card out of a deck of cards than the wallet that came with the trick, the spectator is much less likely to suspect the card of being a gimmick.

Be careful working with metal surfaces, magnet on coin wont attatch to card if its surrounded by metal. I find putting a peice of paper between the coin and the metal surface helped fix it, but spectators might seem suspicious to the magnet if the trick wasnt working because of metal.

Be careful setting the card down on metal, I did that once and it made a *bang* noise that didnt sound natural to setting a card down and the spectator immediately checked the card to find the gimmick.

Have them examine the coins after the trick is done, meanwhile slipping the gimmick half dollar shell into your pocket.

Dont perform the trick on top of a spectators hand. I tried this when I first got it, and every spectator told me they could feel 2 things on there hand, instead of 1 coin.

Once I perfected all these mistakes I made, the trick seemed legit. Now if I could just learn to pinky break the metal wafer card into my deck of cards and make it seem as though the spectator chose the card randomly, then this would be an even more powerful trick, but Im still a n00b and a guy that just does tricks, not a magician.


Postby magicdiscoman » Aug 22nd, '09, 23:58

some nice parts to your review but you have completely blown the trick for anyone looking for answers to tricks so they can mouth off at gigs so thanxs for that. :x
please edit your post to take into account that this part is open to anyone and is often trawled by spoilers and well lets call a spade a spade... wa.. erm, idiots.

no doubt when youv'e done this, this post will seem overly critical of your post but don't worry, the'll just think its another pro having a pop at a newbie. :lol:

we on here refer to the special working parts of a trick as the gimick or to be a little more specific a "[" its ok to say you need to aquire an extra kennedy half a lot of tricks expect you to have some, some nice shops provide them at a bit extra cost, the best for free. :wink:
its ok to say you need to be carefull when you handle the card with respect to the gimick but don't tell everyone what it is and does.

please remember I'm in no way having a go at you, meerly pointing out that you wouldn't go up to a complete stranger in the street and tell them all about the problems with the latest trick youv'e bought so he can go around and tell all his friends. :D

one more little point.. you can refer to any noise made by the interaction of the gimicks as "talking" and most of your problems with this trick has been by going out and using it too soon after youv'e learnt how to do it, you should spend at least a month getting the feel for the coins before you try the gimicks out on friends and practising in front of a mirror always helps with your angles. :)


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