Linking Rings Close Up by Matthew Garrett

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Linking Rings Close Up by Matthew Garrett

Postby magikmax » Sep 8th, '09, 16:41

Linking Rings Close Up by Matthew Garrett

The Effect Beautifully crafted Linking Rings by Matthew Garrett for your next routine. A great trick to compliment Matthew Garrett's Ninja+Trick. Includes 4 rings and a pull string bag.

Ring Diameter Approximately - 4 1/2 " (11.4cm)

Cost: £21.99 from Dude That's Cool Magic ... se_Up.html

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

3-5, depending on how difficult you want to make your routine.


Everyone knows the Linking Rings, a true classic of magic, that is highly versatile, and can be used for stage, close-up, for adults, children, or anyone in between. After recently purchasing Shoot Ogawa's Ninja Rings DVD, I've been trying to source a set of Ninja Rings, however Murphy's Magic has confirmed that they are no longer in production. Matthew Garrett's Linking Rings Close Up were recommended to me as a replacement, as the rings are the same size as the Ninja Rings, and also compliment Matthew Garrett's Ninja+ set, which is available seperately.

You get 4 rings, an instruction sheet, and a black velvet-effect bag to keep them in. The instructions are minimal, and point you towards Shoot Ogawa's DVD for more detail. This review will assume that you are familiar with the routine, or already have Ogawa's DVD, it's point is really just to review the quality of the rings themselves, and their suitability for Shoot Ogawa's Ninja Rings routine.

The ring configuration is the same as that used in Ogawa's routine, and as the rings are the same size, they are a good replacement if you're looking to learn the Ninja Rings routine, but like me, could not find a set of Ninja Rings themselves. Quality wise, they are good, but not excellent. The rings are obviously coated, you can see the welding join underneath the coating if you examine them closely, but it shouldn't be noticable during a normal routine. Certainly not glaringly obvious like the cheap sets available. For the price however, considering that you are only getting four 4.5 inch rings, I would have expected the rings to be perfect.

As I've just got the rings, I can't comment on their durability, but they appear to be perfectly adequate for the purpose, and not overly expensive if I have to replace them in a year or so, although again, given the price, I hope they last a bit longer than that. The rings are a good weight (they are quite lightweight, but perfect for the routine), and are nice and shiny.

If you're looking to source a set of Ninja Rings, then these will probably be your best bet at the moment, given that Shoot Ogawa's rings are not currently available, they also have the advantage that they are perfectly matched with Matthew Garrett's Ninja+ routine, so you can upgrade to Ninja+ with confidence once you have mastered the original Ninja Rings routine.


As an effect, I would give the Linking Rings, and particularly Shoot Ogawa's Ninja Rings routine, a straight 10. As a product, I would give Matthew's Linking Rings Close Up a good 7. Good, but not excellent. Perfectly acceptable, and ideal for a close-up Linking Rings routine that involves only 4 rings.

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Postby SeanTobin » Sep 16th, '09, 21:07

I agree with the above review for Matthew's linking rings. This is the only good standard set of linking rings you will be able to purchase brand new in Europe at the moment, as Shoot Ogowa's rings are no longer being manufactured.

The weld mark is visible on one of the rings, but after having this set for over a year, it has never been noticed. In my opinion, this set is fantastic value, considering the original set by Shoot was priced at £34.99

The colour has not faded even a tiny bit so far, after 13 months of continueous use!

A great buy, and an 8/10 is due with this product!

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