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Postby Beardy » Sep 18th, '09, 01:54

Purchased. Nothing to lose eh!

Try and get it here by saturday ;)




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Postby Replicant » Sep 18th, '09, 11:03

I am very tempted by this and it sounds like a wonderful gadget. But I don't wear jackets so I feel it is not a worthwhile purchase for me. A great shame, because I do love the fact that it is so flexible in use.

So, unless someone can convince me otherwise, this will, regrettably, have to come off my wish list. :cry:

Shahid Malik wrote:However, it was designed to go into a jacket and that is how you'll get the best effect of the sound coming from the hands. It can be adapted/adjusted to use without a jacket but you do lessen the effect slightly - just so you are aware.

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Postby Waldorfcartoons » Sep 18th, '09, 12:52

Damn it! why did I click here?....... paypal button suffers another pounding.

Hope it's as good as it seems - and that you all haven't been bribed to give great reviews. (Now there's a thought. Product designers seeking good reviews .... just PM me)

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Postby Shahid Malik » Sep 18th, '09, 17:11

Hi Guys,

Shahid Malik from here.

Thanks to all for the kind and positive words.

To: 'Replicant' re. no jacket etc. please take a quick look at this...

This is a quick & simple demo that a recent purchaser has uploaded onto You Tube. He has since bought 3 Instant Radios!
You'll see that this is without a jacket and its even in SHORT SLEEVES!
Pretty effective!

I know that from the video demo you don't get the true sound illusion and the effect etc. but I think you'll agree its pretty effective.
Hope that gives you a little confidence.
As I've said before, it is quite adaptable.

Re. Chris and other purchasers, thanks for the support, I know you'll love it! It should be dispatched to you tomorrow, not today I'm afraid. We're 'snowed under' with response at the moment. Please also keep in mind that there are some postal disruptions going on(!) - just so you're aware.

Any more questions, please ask..... glad to help.

Thanks everyone again.
Shahid Malik

Shahid Malik
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Postby liverpool 7 » Sep 18th, '09, 20:41

Got mine this morning, Cheers Shahid. :D I played around with it for 2 to 3 hours just before my girl friend came round to my house i made her a coffee and put my hand over her cup, took my hand away and as well as instant coffee, she got instant music. :) :)

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liverpool 7
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Postby Replicant » Sep 19th, '09, 12:51

Shahid Malik wrote:To: 'Replicant' re. no jacket etc. please take a quick look at this...

I love that shirt. :shock:

Thanks for posting that, Shahid. I'm still in two minds about IR, but whatever happens I'm sure you'll have no problems shifting your stock. I'm looking forward to future releases at Magigadgets.

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Postby Flash » Sep 19th, '09, 13:39

Now I remember why I don't come on here so much...

My bank account has just taken a beating as I've ordered a couple of these magic radiograms... :roll:

ps. greetings to all my chums from the slightly chilly south coast of spain (back in Blighty beginning of November).

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very clever technology .... but there's a 'but'

Postby Waldorfcartoons » Sep 23rd, '09, 16:48

The 'Instant Radio' from Magigadgets is very well made and very well packaged. Good instructions and easy to follow. It's early days for me but I'm not yet convinced the sound appears to come from my hands. From somewhere inside my jacket, yes. Possibly from my sleeve. However, I'll persevere further - maybe it's just my knowledge of where the sound is coming from that is affecting my judgement?

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Postby Replicant » Sep 23rd, '09, 16:49

This was one of the things that concerned me. Let us know when you've shown it to a few people.

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Postby Mr_Grue » Sep 23rd, '09, 16:52

I think as long as you give a strong visual cue as to where the sound ought to be coming from then the illusion should hold. We're not very good at determining the point of origin of sounds.

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Postby Tom Lauten » Sep 26th, '09, 05:00

I'll jump in here...

Instant Radio

Available from:

£28.00 ( Limited offer Buy 2 INSTANT RADIOS - Get 30% off 2nd Radio for £48.00)
£1.50 flat global shipping rate.

Magic accessory

Difficulty 1-5

1=Self working
2=No sleights, but not self working
3=Some sleights used
4=Advanced sleights used
5=Suitable for experienced performers only

They say:
Imagine.... you pick up any item/object – press it, squeeze it or rub it – and hear the sounds of a real FM Radio coming from it! Well, imagine no more…..

This superb new micro-electronic miracle will allow you to do just that!
Your hands are always empty, yet you can turn anything into an FM Radio at anytime!

It’s finally here…… 2 years in development, and well worth the wait.

Ask someone to draw a picture of a Radio on the back of your business card, napkin or any piece of paper and ask them not to forget to draw the ‘on/off button’.
Then, with both your hands empty, take the drawing from them, press the button on the 'Radio' they have just drawn, and… the Radio comes to life! Loud and clear!
Oh, and by the way, here’s the best bit, the sound really does seem to come directly from the drawing!

Real local FM RADIO from ANYWHERE & EVERYWHERE – from ANY OBJECT, and in your BARE HANDS!

Anything & everything you touch can turn into an authentic Radio! Touch, press or squeeze anything and transform it into a Radio! All made possible with the aid of modern electronics.

Hands are always absolutely and completely empty! Always ready, nothing to pre-set.

You’ll never leave home without 'Instant Radio'. Guaranteed to attract attention instantly.

Makes a great start to your close-up routine – a perfect ice-breaker and attention grabber for walk round, close-up workers, street magic, restaurant workers.... infact all types of magicians.

Squeeze a sponge ball and hear the sounds of a Radio – then squeeze it again to turn it off. Take a Matchbox, 'catch some airwaves' and then stun your audience as you open the drawer to reveal real FM Radio! Close the matchbox and it stops!
Cup both your hands together and ‘catch some airwaves’, put them to someone’s ear to let them hear the Radio – the sound of the Radio really does seem to come straight from your bare hands!

That’s what makes this so remarkable – better than any previous inferior models.

Micro FM Radio technology.
Adjustable volume.
Your hands are always empty - genuinely.
The actual Radio unit is not much bigger than a small matchbox and is discretely hidden away in your jacket - but due to the innovative design and technology utilised, the sound of the FM Radio always seems to come from your hands or any object you wish!
It is a real FM Radio (specifically custom designed for this use) and will play all your local area stations.
You can perform this totally surrounded and in any conditions.
There's nothing to hide.
Revolutionary FM Auto-scan technology – means instant *guaranteed Radio reception 99% of the time (*provided reception exists). Finds the nearest/strongest signal automatically for you – instantly - so it works and sounds perfect every time.
Electronic circuitry/chips designed to scan for a channel in a split second * – no more worries about tuning in a channel – sure-fire and reliable (*local FM reception permitting).
No tuning problems to let you down…. scans & tunes automatically & instantly.
Revolutionary enhancement really makes the Radio sound seem to come from your HAND or any OBJECT – greatly enhancing the effect.
Custom made electronic module specially designed – this is NOT an adapted Radio.
This does NOT utilise the old fashioned, awkward and cumbersome 'toe-switch'.
You'll love the unique and innovative 'Cushionair' switch design - making 'Instant Radio' simple and a pleasure to use. Sure-fire, natural, trouble-free, undetectable and reliable. More user friendly, set-up is a breeze and no more wires down your pants!!!
Will not go off accidentally. Under your complete control at all times.
Sets up in seconds. Can remain set up all day and is discreet, reliable and totally unobtrusive.

Comes complete with fully detailed and comprehensive 12 page colour instruction book, tough protective travelling/carry case, Radio sketch Business Card - infact everything you need to use this right away (requires 2 AAA batteries - not supplied).
Made for professionals, by a professional.

Have your Business Card printed with a red button on it, or with a picture of a Radio printed on the back. Give out your card after performing 'Instant Radio' by pressing the button!!!

Easy to use - you'll be using this just 15-20 minutes after some minimal handling.
In stock now and ready for dispatch.

I say:

OK, OK, I give in…I believe you! PLEASE…no more!!!

Yeah, the advertising is very “assertive” and drives the point home with a 20lb sledgehammer a good few times (believe me, I edited that description!), but you know what…it’s all true!

This is a tremendous package. You get EVERYTHING you need (except the 2x AA batteries as you have been told). Everything is packed neatly in a roomy plastic bag with full colour art insert and B&W instructions and notes on operation and quick set up. My GOSH the instructions are thorough!!! The radio and switch come in an impact resistant plastic box to keep it safe and tidy. Every bit of this product is rock solid and seems made to last and last.

The radio works … just like it says on the tin, simple-as. Tuning is super-easy, automatic and fast. The speaker quality is like that of a small battery operated transistor radio…well, DUH! If you magically turned a matchbox or business card into a tiny radio it would be unlikely to have Dolby 5.1-surround sound and a 200watt sub woofer would it?

The switch is ingenious and intuitive to use. The various rigs and fitting you get (and there are a few) really allow you to set this up to fit you and your clothes perfectly and to adjust the switch to your needs and likes. You can alter everything if you decide to later as well.

A 1-trick pony? Yup… I guess so but if I had a pony that could do a back flip while beat boxing and land doing the splits I’d go for it! The effect is pretty much a “oncer” but audio is so rarely used in magic that this “novelty” is well worth the money…heck, it’s worth DOUBLE the money. Some performers will experiment and perhaps use this as part of a mentalism routine or bizarre magic presentation…go for it! Most of us will be happy to use it “as is”.

As you have been warned, play with this to your hearts content but use it sparingly in front of spectators lest they work out the basics. You have shock and surprise on your side and with Instant Radio they will jump back and dance!

Rating 1-10
8 out of 10.

Plus – Novel effect, very tidy, compact, works instantly, customisable in fitting terrific value for money.

Minus – Should be used sparingly…. then again, what trick shouldn’t?

If we can hit that bullseye then the rest of the dominoes will fall like a house of cards... Checkmate!
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Tom Lauten
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Postby Waldorfcartoons » Oct 1st, '09, 20:48

All true .... it's a very good product but possibly not quite my cup of tea. I've done some (limited) performances but never quite felt comfortable.

I'm seriously considering putting it up for sale for £20 (as hardly used) so someone could pick up a bargain.

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Postby Tomo » Nov 8th, '09, 02:37

Well, here's something annoying. I have never contacted Magigadgets in any way shape or form, and yet the address I publish to get in touch with me via Books By Tomo has been harvested and is being spammed by them. They've taken it upon themselves to add me to their database as someone with an "interest in Magic or Magic related products."

This is not something I expect from a professional outfit. :evil:

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Postby Replicant » Nov 8th, '09, 14:27

That's not very good. I hate it when companies do that; it's very unprofessional and, dare I say it, just makes me think they are a bunch of cowboys. I don't go near any company that feels the need to spam people. Don't they realise it just antagonises people? Suddenly Magigadgets have gone down in my estimation. Image

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Postby Replicant » Nov 8th, '09, 14:28

Why is there a "buy it now" link at the top and bottom of each page of this thread? Other review threads do not have one. :?:

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