Powerball 60

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Postby IAIN » Nov 5th, '09, 23:58

i think powerball plays better over here actually, cos no one knows that its a bit inter-state lotto thing in the U.S....

over here they just look like standard scratch cards...

i think its a good "in", to other longer and stronger effects...they look real, which was my main worry...


Postby pcwells » Dec 7th, '09, 15:42

I bought Powerball 60 for strolling gigs as a way of seamlessly moving into an effect if ever anyone mentions the National Lottery and/or Derren Brown.

It's not one that I'll voluntarily offer up...

hey, let's do something with the waste paper in my wallet

...but the national Lottery comments such as 'can you give me some winning lottery numbers?', are a common gag among spectators, second only to 'can you make my wife disappear?', in terms of popularity.

Don't talk to me about the lottery. I weaning myself off it. It's a slow process, though. I managed to quit the weekly draws, but I'm now doing scratchcards. But my doctor says I'm doing well and reckons I'll be down to one a week by the New Year. I can't even throw the damn things away when I lose...

As for the trick itself, I don't think anyone will be surprised when they find out the method. But what makes this exciting is that the cards appear to have already served a very different purpose. They're not props. And if you perform this with any degree of presentational competence, they won't register on the audience's radar at all.

If you treat the cards as magic props, and present them as such, you'll end up with a cute trick that a few laypeople might remember from their childhood.

Use them as part of an organic conversation and treat them like your wallet's usual debris, and they'll probably work very well for you.

For me, at least, this is money well spent. It's not a presentation piece, but I'm now forearmed with a very nice 'spontaneous' off-on-a-tangent brainfart type thing.


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Postby Cameron Francis » Jan 15th, '11, 19:25

I honestly cannot believe that this effect would be greeted with anything other than amazement! The principle is old. But the dressing is a thing of beauty!

This is a great effect. Don't think like a magician about it. Lay people go nuts for this!

This now has a permanent place in my wallet!

Cameron Francis
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PowerBall 60 Mindreading

Postby sjsMagic » Jan 16th, '11, 18:43

This trick in well worth the money. Iv been using it all the time and it never fails. They dont have a clue. Gets good reactions. I love it. :lol:

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Re: Powerball 60

Postby Goldenboy » Feb 18th, '13, 16:50

Bit of a long shot, but does anybody know if refills for this are available? I've managed to lose the last card in this set and therefore it's useless!

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Re: Powerball 60

Postby Waldorfcartoons » Mar 3rd, '13, 14:02

Please keep us all posted.

Still looks like the Christmas Cracker "Is your number on this card?" maths trick to me.

I'd be happily convinced otherwise

It is that trick Tim, quite well known in UK since most fancy Xmas crackers include it.
Still a good trick, nice natural props and there are various presentation ways of seeming to ignore the cards. Worth doing, even if the occasional smart *rse catches you out - just don't do it over Xmas lunch if you have crackers.

You can get replacement cards (freepost magic?) but you'll only need them if you lose a card or destroy it. Richard S recommends you let them get 'dog-eared'.

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Re: Powerball 60

Postby moodini » Nov 10th, '17, 19:00

I use this in the one ahead principle for a series of three predictions. This allows me burry it within the grander picture and it is powerful but they then try to figure out the entire sequence rather than EVER put any focus on this one component.

For many the struggle with it is magicians guilt...much like the TT it is so painfully obvious to some yet so invisible to the layperson.

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Re: Powerball 60

Postby Mandrake » Nov 10th, '17, 21:23

Good to hear a positive angle on this one - and good to hear from you again!

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