Steve Lindsay/Hamilton

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Steve Lindsay/Hamilton

Postby GeoC » Aug 26th, '04, 21:04

I have had a look threw the forum and can find no mention of this.

I do not know if anyone is aware but Steve Hamilton (professional known as Steve Lindsay) died on Saturday 21st of August of cancer.

Steve was a well known Scottish magician who was a great close up performer and children’s entertainer.

He produced an number of books on magic and was a professional magician since 1987.

He took up magic in 1974 and was soon taken under the wing of Roy Walton, Gordon Bruce and Peter Duffie.

His untimely death is a great loss to magic and Scottish Magic in general

George Colvan
President Glasgow Magic Circle

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Postby Michael Jay » Aug 27th, '04, 01:47

Always terribly sad when the passing of an important member of our ranks passes on. That said, we are each important in our own way, whether in the community at large, the community of magicians or just amongst family and friends. Always a shame.

Thank you for the notice.


Michael Jay

R.I.P daddy

Postby lyndseyhamilton » Aug 4th, '11, 02:18

r.i.p daddy <3 7 years on august 21st without you :( i love you! thank you for writing about my dad. i dont know if anyone will see this since it was 7 years ago.

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Re: Steve Lindsay/Hamilton

Postby Chris Congreave » Nov 3rd, '11, 19:18

Your Dad was an inspiration to many many magicians, myself included.

Chris Congreave
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Re: Steve Lindsay/Hamilton

Postby lyndseyhamilton » Dec 13th, '11, 03:12

:) <3

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Re: Steve Lindsay/Hamilton

Postby Bobbyanderson » Jan 18th, '16, 19:58

Dear Lindsay,
I was a good friend of your Dad from when we were 10 yrs old. John, Allan, Stephen and I used to meet almost weekly and that carried on into our adult lives. Every Friday night he would get out his cards and show us his tricks. I am sure we were his first audience. We still miss him and remember him very fondly. The day he died the nurse called me to come through saying he had asked me to be there, I jumped into the car and arrived too late. Allan and John had been regular visitors as well.
Stephen would have loved this world of social media we live in now. My first friend with a computer - an Atari- and my first with a PDA - a Psion. As part of our friendship with Steohen I am sure the three of us will be happy to have a chat with you anytime about your Dad and the fun we had at times. I still miss him.

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