Broken Wand - Paul Daniels

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Broken Wand - Paul Daniels

Postby Mandrake » Sep 8th, '04, 11:51

One of the foundations of UK Magic, Paul seems to get all sorts of crud thrown at him for doing quiz shows, cookery shows etc but, lets face it, it's one way of making a living and it doesn't involve giving away secrets of magic!

Last October I just saw an article on (no longer featured, unfortunately) but, if you spot other articles about Paul then please post the links here so we can all share them and, if you have a different favourite Magician, why not start a similar thread for them as well?

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Postby Mandrake » Sep 15th, '04, 16:46

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Postby Mandrake » Nov 9th, '04, 16:07

I saw Paul Daniels in Cabaret last Saturday - it was the last of his contracted appearances on the Warner's Hotels circuit so, although a Review isn't appropriate, I thought I'd post something here in case anyone else is interested!

Paul's act was the same club act he's used many times before - a version from a late 1970s' Wheeltappers and Shunter's Social Club programme was on one of the Magic's Best programmes earlier this year - and it was at least 10 minutes before he did any magic. Lots of topical gags about George Bush being re-elected and so on plus a few words in memory of Fred Dibnah.

The act started with the Chop Cup which finishes with the lemon and orange; then the one where you start with 6 cards, take away 3 and you're left with....6 - many times over. He also did a neat bit of card forcing where 4 random gents in the front row were asked to pick a card and in each case it was the QH. I know, I was one of them! Paul also made a crack about my nice stripy shirt looking like a pyjama jacket and I had to laugh as I'd already made that comment when SWMBO bought it for me! He carried on and did a routine with 2 ladies from the audience who each counted out 10 cards, stuck them down their respective cleavages, and when counted again, one had 7 the other had 13. A nice bog standard effect but with the added interest of being able to stare at two cleavages without being smacked in the head for it! Immediately after this, the ladies' partners were called out and Paul did electric chairs with them. The chairs were definitely ordinary as the same ones were used in the following night's musical show so any theories on that would be welcome! Paul also worked in the torn and restored (borrowed) £20 note, vanished it and after other things had taken place finally revealed it inside our favourite fruit - a Lemon! Sadly, he had forgotten a plate and had to cut it on a tissue on one of the chairs and the lemon was so hard skinned (or the knife so blunt) it took several attempts to cut into it. Of course, all that could have been planned but it served no real purpose and looked genuine enough.

All in all it was a great show and the 90 minutes flew past as though it was only half an hour. It was good to see magic as part of an entertaining act and not just a succession of tricks, no matter how well themed together. It was brilliant to see one of Magic's rock solid stalwarts in action - he really is even better in the flesh than on TV so, if you get chance to see him live, then go for it! Biggest disappointment? No Debbie!!! At least, not on stage and nobody mentioned her so I guess she was at home looking after the cats/dogs/whatever. Also there was no opportunity for autographs, I suppose I could have asked one of the entertainment team but I didn't like to push my luck!

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Postby Mark Waddington » Nov 9th, '04, 21:02

Paul's definatly different to what i was told to expect!

I went to see him in Leeds about 2 weeks ago and he did a 20 minute spot as the Speciality act as part of the Good Old days at the Varieties. He did the 6 card repeat, which i do, but with straws, he did the forcing trick that Mandrake described, and also, that was the QH, SPOOKY!
He then did his bill in Lemon which was fantastic! He only did 3 effects, but the audience was held on his every word!

Afterwards, he came to meet me in the bar, as im friends with the manager of the theatre and we got signed playing cards, photos, an improptu magic show and a decent chat, its something i have wanted to do since i stared in magic, nearly 11 years ago, and, i am proud to accomplish (spelling!) it.

Mt advice, see his act if yo can!

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Mark Waddington
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Max Mallini show

Postby Louis » Nov 11th, '04, 11:54

I saw Paul live many years ago as a child wiht his big illusion show, which was fun.
But recently i saw the Max Mallini show at Jrmyn Street and it was fabulous, his anecdotes and genral style ar enot what one would expect formt eh stuff written about him. A really nice guy and easy to tlak to as well as an amazing talent. It was great fun and i have this week bought the dvd of it. :lol:

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Paul daniel

Postby hypnonic » Nov 11th, '04, 13:21

Paul daniels gets slated by many and I would say unfairly. We has been an embassador for magic and entertainment. He has kept many people enthralled with his shows on tv and the stage. I am pleased to say help has pointed me in the right direction and I am only part way through his course how to make money from magic.

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Paul Daniels....

Postby TheAlkhemist07 » Apr 7th, '08, 11:25 70 today!
Hip-hip-hooray!!! :)

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Postby Mandrake » Apr 7th, '08, 11:59

Blimey - Happy Birthday Paul!!!

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Postby monker59 » Apr 7th, '08, 12:47

Jesus! Way to go Paul!

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happy birthday

Postby spudgun » Apr 7th, '08, 20:54

horrah happy birthday paul daniels....................hope i have a debbie mcgee when im 70 :D

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Postby anicetus » Apr 7th, '08, 23:19

Happy Birthday Paul Daniels

I bet everyone who bought him a present wrote on the tag
"I think you'll like this...not a lot, but you'll like it"

Like he's never heard that before! :)

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Postby weepoobum » Oct 28th, '08, 07:08

He's an absolute STAR.. saw him when I was 6, 16, 25 and a few weeks ago (at 31!) - each time, almost exactly the same show - but each time, he knocked the audience dead!

Great timing, rapier wit and a timeless act. :)

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Postby daleshrimpton » Oct 28th, '08, 09:18

Debbie is 50 on friday

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Postby kems » Apr 24th, '09, 07:40

I saw paul last night for the first time! what a treat... saw the electric chair trick, loved the 6 card trick and his one cup and ball routine was great!!

he really wanted to know who the magicians in the audience where (I am guessing so they didnt get picked!)

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Postby mark lewis » Apr 24th, '09, 13:56

I could have sworn he was older than that. I thought around 72 or so. It seems that I was wrong.

He just bought my Long and the Short of it svengali book recently. Perhaps you will see him soon working on your local market.

Although of course the above paragraph is just kidding I have always known that he has had an interest in grafting and grafters. Perhaps he did it in his youth or wanted to do it. He would have been a good one too.

Of course Ken Brooke was somewhat of a mentor to him and he was a grafter too. And I happen to know that Tommy Cooper was a grafter before he made it big.

What is a grafter? I hope nobody asks. I haven't the energy to explain.

mark lewis
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