Money Roller (Paul Zenon style)

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Postby TheOldForum » Jun 23rd, '01, 17:08

Product: Money Roller

Type: Illusion

Price: £49.00

Where: Alakazam

Difficulty: 1/5 (No skill required)

Performance time: 30 sec

Examinable: Not in their hand

Reset: 20 sec (in private)

Rating: 9.5/10

What you get:
A very good quality metal roller and tray with a rubber base,
also several wads of paper of different sizes (to match bank notes),
and instructions on use.
This is the much sought after effect used by Paul Zenon on a recent special, where he transforms a blank peice of paper
into a genuine bank note right in front of the spectators eyes.

I can't really explain how good this looks even at very close range (18" away even)
This is a very high quality, hand made item which is imported to order (rare as rocking horse manure), but they are obtainable
from Alakazam to order with a reasonable turn arround time.

As this item is imported, the paper supplied matches Italian Lira in size, however, this is of no consiquence as it is ordinary white paper
so you can make your own very easily.

I feel that this item will last for many years as the build quality is superb, and the effect is stunning.

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Postby Sleightech » Jul 13th, '08, 13:14

I own this, and there's a lot of differences of opinion on it. ... 268#401268

If you do have one, treat it with care.

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Postby RobMagic » Jul 13th, '08, 13:46

If you've reviewed it else where would it be possible to post those reviews here rather than sending people to another forum? It's harder for me to jump between sites and I prefer just to "shop in one place" as it were

thank you and your reviews will a lot to this site

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Postby Replicant » Jul 13th, '08, 15:07

I used to own this. On one memorable occasion, I used it in an off-licence and the shop keeper threatened to call the police! I left quickly.

After a while, however, I found the magic started to show through and a sharp-eyed spectator will notice something very fishy. I sold it to a TM member in recent months for the bargain price of £10. It was a nice item but I feel not the best version in the world.

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Postby Sleightech » Jul 13th, '08, 17:41

£10 is an absolute bargain. I assume you are referring to the paper, but this can be replaced, I've done it. It's an inherant flaw in the product, as it will wear. Some sort of plastic or rubber would be the ideal choice. If anyone sees anything like that, could you shout me?
As for the links, I was putting them both ends. In the past I've only put them one way, which directed people here. I just wanted my reviews to be as comprehensive as I could make them, and continually add to them to keep them as up to date as possible.
I thought I was adding something to this site, and assure you that it was not my intention to take away. I did check the rules, and if it's considered "cheeky" by the Modsthen I'll happily gob ack to sending people one way again.
I didn't cut and paste it here, as it didn't really occur to me, and the internets clagged up with gubbage as it is. The amount of times I've searched for something and pulled up the same stuff/site twenty times :roll: .
Do appreciate your loyalty though.

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