Advise for magic tricks

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Advise for magic tricks

Postby Magician M.A. Sadad » Jan 26th, '12, 10:35

I am a magician in bangladesh. I want to learn dove magic set, how is it possible for me?

It is my cards magic tricks
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Magician M.A. Sadad
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Re: Advise for magic tricks

Postby Rob » Jan 26th, '12, 11:13

There are a number of books and DVD's on the topic of Dove Magic, and these would be the best place to begin, unless you have any Dove Workers in your area who you could speak with.

You will need to find a stockist (or perhaps check eBay etc.) who ships to Bangladesh. In this multi-commerce age, though, that should not be a problem.

Good luck! :)

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Re: Advise for magic tricks

Postby Pickman » Jan 26th, '12, 14:41

Ian Adair's 'Encyclopaedia of Dove Magic' volumes 1 to 5 would be a good place to start. These are available from Magic Books By Post, direct links don't always work from there, if the link doesn't take you straight to the books just type in the book title in the search function and you should find them.

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Re: Advise for magic tricks

Postby daleshrimpton » Jan 31st, '12, 15:09

Tony Clark has some good material on Dove magic. Before you go ahead, i seriously urge you to do a few weeks research on the care of doves.
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