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Postby Gochos The Greek » Mar 13th, '12, 11:51


USE CODE: TALKMAGIC for free delivery.

"That is looking really terrrific, very, very nice my friend and so simple. I always say, KISS A TIT. Keep It Simple And Think It Through ... and you have"
The spectator chooses any Card. The Card can be signed if you like. You place the card back directly into the deck. The insertion of the card is 100% natural, without fumbling around.

The deck goes face down on the table or on the floor. The deck can be cut by the spectator before the Haunting begins.
There is nothing attached between you and the deck or the table. The deck can also be covered with a large glass bowl, to proof, that no connection to the deck is possible. You walk away from the table
as far as you like and concentrate, after a few seconds and a magical gesture the upper half of the deck slowly starts to move, so SLOWLY and SPOOKY, that the spectators propably will believe in ghosts
or in your magical powers. The two halves seperates so perfect, smooth and directly to the chosen card. But that's not the end! The card finally moves out from the deck and the spectator can immediatly
grab for the card. It is his chosen card! The spectator can immediatly examine the cards. There is nothingto find! Just the cards and a mindblowing magical and spooky moment that they will never, never forget!

Keypoints to remember:

-Instant Reset
-No Loops or IT
-Easy to do
-Works Every Time
-Use it under any light conditions
-Highly Visual
-Multiple handling ideas and tips
-Perfect for close-up or walkaround
-Use any deck
-Bonus Rising Card effect
-You receive gimmicks that last for lifetime

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Postby Rob » Mar 13th, '12, 12:13

I'm sold, Costas!

Quick question though, if I may - where abouts is the free postage code entered? I've looked through the Checkout process, and can't see anywhere to enter it.

Thanks :)


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