Andi Gladwin Lecture. Home counties 15/03/12 review

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Andi Gladwin Lecture. Home counties 15/03/12 review

Postby daleshrimpton » Mar 16th, '12, 13:48

If there is anybody out there flying the flag for british magic more than Andi Gladwin... I have yet to meet them
Andi, well respected across the globe, came to the home counties last night, and treated us all to some fantastic magical ideas.
his opening was a 3 phase mental routine, based around Alice in wonderland, which included a book test, a card revelation, and Liam Montiers timeless. The kicker that tied the 3 effects together, i wont divulge. But if you have, or know Timeless you can guess.

There then followed a slick self working card effect involving 3 people.

Andi then presented the most wonderfull 4 ace assembly from John Guastaferro's one degree. Simple, yet artistic, this version of McDonalds Aces, would fill any stage, or with a waitress at hand with some wine glasses on a tray, would make a memorable moment of magic at any fine dining establishment. :)

Following this, we saw his buseness card peek. Its ok, but i get the feeling even Andi thinks there is a wee bit of room for improvement.

Andi then whent into the basic idea behind his master push off move. I had it in my head that this is a bit of a finger flinging thing, having seen the trailer for it... but no. Once you have the nack,( and it is a nack) you have at your disposal a fine utility move that can be used to baffle!.

After a break, Andi gave us some of his caberet show in a brief case, including a great multi person 3 phase chair test, which i took part in. great bit of buseness that, and one of those things i will store up in the back of my head for that special show.
a few other items follwed, including vanishing inc's Card Artistry, by Justin Flom. It lookes lovely. Though my feeling is, Its more a parlour effect than close up, because of teh table space required. He also demmed the Prism deck. Unlike any other Rainbow deck you have ever seen, this deck makes it possible to perform some amazing, and memorable miracles.

so, all in all i recomend that should you get the chance to see Andi's lecture, you go. You will learn something i guarentee!

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