VDP- John Van Der Put

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VDP- John Van Der Put

Postby magicpea » May 14th, '12, 19:55

VDP- JOHN VAN DER PUT available for Instant Download at Talkmagic TV - click here for details

First off all sorry in advance if I have opened an old thread. I'm sure this had been reviewed already but not by me.

So here goes my first review
VDP- by John Van Der Put A.K.A Piff the magic dragon

The effect: A card is randomly selected from the deck by the victim this card is then signed another card is selected by the performer for want of a better word. The performer takes his selected and tears it into four pieces and asks the victim to hold these pieces in their hand. He now takes the randomly selected and SIGNED card and folds this card into quaters he then begins to visually change this signed card piece by piece into his selected card still signed. The victim then opens their hand to find there selected has swapped places.

Price: £30-40
Also you will need another £25-30 for materials to perform this effect so it actually cost you around £55-60. This being said its worth every penny in my eyes at least. Its a classic jaw dropper. Its so visual I saw it performed by Piff the magic dragon on penn and teller fool us. And from that moment I had to have it.

Handling difficulty- I would say on a scale of 1 to 10 its a 2 if you know your way around a deck of cards.

Final points: its an absolute must have its quick witty and brilliant very much like its creator John van der putt

Constructive criticism is welcome as this is my first review would love to hear all your comments

Thanks for taking the time to read hope it helps at least one person.

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