OUTSMOKIN' by Ron Jaxon

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Postby dat8962 » Dec 17th, '04, 00:44

Very clever but I think that I've figured this out by watching a few times but I'm a little less certain about the filter in the middle bit.

May still buy this just to satisfy my curiosity to see if I'm right or wrong.

Still looks very nice and full marks

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It's not really an optical illusion - it just looks like one!
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Postby caubeck » Dec 17th, '04, 08:09

I've seen this at his site and laughed to myself, it's quite funny.

I do feel that finishing with the filter in the middle makes the workings of the trick a little transparent. Surely a stronger finish would be for the cigarette to vanish or change in some unexpected way.

Brilliant performance anyway.

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Postby caubeck » Dec 17th, '04, 10:41

Well in that case I must hand it to him for coming up with a good, clean ending!

I like tricks that you can take out when nobody expects you're about to perform.

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Postby Clarioneer » Dec 30th, '04, 00:16

Level of difficulty I would say is 1


Its VERY VISUAL - you could show this effect 1 inch away or 10 feet away

It packs small its easy to make and its fun to perform - what more can or need be said... only gimmick I carry regularly, bar a DB and a star shaped band...

did I mention.... ITS VERY VISUAL

As for handing it out - why would you need to - use it as a simple/quick opener or filler - or when out and about and you want to gain someones attention :-)

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