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Bill In Lemon Routines

Postby Mandrake » May 31st, '12, 23:14

Variations and adaptations of this classic effect, credited to Emil Jarrow, all contributions from Allen Tipton and many other TM members. If you have other versions to add or corrections to suggest then please PM a Mod.

The easiest Bill in Orange!! is in Down Your Alley by the late Ali Ben Ali--Magick Enterprises Sheffield--Russ Hall.

Robert Harbin's first published in 1934 and later--I think--in one of those last Magigrams. (Supreme Magic--after Edwin)

So Easy Bill in Orange Hugards Magic Monthly Vol. XX1 No. 6

Alan Shaxon's Bill in Walnut--his book My Kind Of Magic

Bill in Walnut, in Egg in Lemon.. Peter Warlock--1939 The Magician magazine

Wayne Dobson's very funny Bill in Banana--one of his early books

Barrie Richardson's "Theatre of the Mind" has a lot of discussion of, and a couple of methods of achieving, this effect
Card in Orange--substitute bill--in Hermann's Book Of Magic--19th. century book. That is TOO easy!

And of course the VERY expensive version advertised in Stan Allen's Magic Magazine--was it about $100 plus ???

The very Inventive Vanni Pule--'Bill Squash ' in the October 2010 Linking Ring

Bill in Potato--also in The Linking Ring

BILL IN LEMON KNIFE - the Mak Magik version-- --see the link by Dale Shrimpton (" target="_blank ) -- looks very good on the video dem. No preparation. Might have to check if it is angle proof...

There is also the simple--just a lemon and a small paring knife described in 'Magic With Faucett Ross' by Lewis Ganson. (Supreme Magic Co.) pages 122 to 124. This is the MAX MALINI version. Simple and sneaky.

Lemon, Cup & Banknote by Eddie Burke. Mr E Enterprises

And there was of course The Great Jarrow ( Emil Jarrow) and his - SAWING A LEMON IN HALF. He used to pass SEVERAL bills into the Lemon.

Banknote in Lemon by T.Nelson Downs, it is ALSO in 'Magic With Faucet Ross' pages 176 to 178

From an old JB Magic Catalogue - Banknote in Lemon by Yigal Mesika (The Loops man), the note is signed--vanished then the magician takes out a velvet bag from inside his jacket. In the bag--a lemon (or other fruit) of course and in that---wow--the signed note. It was priced at £40 with bag and gimmick.

There was a great routine-mainly for magicians' audiences but it has been performed, successfully, to lay audiences-- the signed note vanishes--a Potato is shown--chopped open--not note.THEN MY MEMORY falters.. Did he next produce, a lemon--no note-- another fruit--no note--and another and another till, finally the note was discovered. OR was it like Walnut inside egg inside lemon??

And Wayne Dobson again, the note was found in a large Onion.. Magician crying as he cuts deeper and deeper into it. Great comedy.

AND yet again-- was it a banknote Paul D had to search in 3 large JELLIES before he found it? Hilarious!

Bill Malone Lemon in Shoe, certainly a novel way, also you may check Carl Cloutier bill in kiwi approach.

Mark Wilson has a quite neat bill to lemon in his complete course

Reading through 'My Best' edited by J.G.Thompson Jr., published in 1945 and reissued by D. Robins & Co. Inc.—on page 252-- Dollar Bill in Lemon by Gerald Kosky. No gimmicks. Just 3 lemons--1 to be chosen the other 2 thrown out TO the audience. The bill is torn in half!!!! Spectator has one half, the magician the other. EVEN that long ago-1945--Kosky was recommending wrapping the half in cellophane. This is burnt and should join up with the first half in the lender's clenched hand. But no. A bit of comedy then-- Guess where it ends up???? Very simple, uncluttered method.

The Inception by Chris Randall – see

Vitamin C Hunter, Rudy - The Stand-Up, Gaffless, Signed Bill In Lemon Routine
Hunter's Vitamin C is the solution to a problem... being able to perform the classic effect of the Bill In Lemon without a great deal of fuss and bother.

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