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Postby CArlight1958 » Jul 3rd, '12, 14:45

DECOMPRESSION (one effect) BY DANIEL CHARD available for Instant Download at Talkmagic TV - click here for details

Decompression: The four aces compress into two deuces, then to a four before completely vanishing. Then we turn back time and go in reverse....This is killer!

Kickback Bonanza: Four queens trap a selection twice under impossible conditions, then a kickback finish that will leave their jaws on the floor. This is Dan's go to card routine

Fiddle with Biddle: The Biddle trick taken to the next level with some great touches which make this routine a real fooler!

A Night with Hofsinzer : The classic effect streamlined using a great move of Ed Marlos, direct and very strong

Sequential Sandwich: The jokers are used to find the Ace to four of a named suit one at a time, with an ending which has caught some top name magicians off guard

Four My Mates: A sandwich effect where the selection rises visually up through the pack and then finds his three mates on the journey, friends reunited would be proud!

Cloaked Inversion: An impossible 3 phase inversion routine which utilises 'the cloaked reversal', taught on disc for the first time and a complete deck reversal using only one hand!

World's Fastest Threesome: 3 selected cards are found in under three seconds, in 3 different locations!

Mouthy Transpo: A two phase transposition which is direct and hard hitting, with an ending which will catch you off guard

Taking the Plunge: the plunger principe used in conjunction with two special assistants which locate a selection and cause two cards to change places

Toolbox Section: featuring a more in-depth look at some of the sleights used

Worldwide Playback
Shot in High-Definition 1920x1080

Well, what an amazing collection of routines this is.
I bought this dvd about a month ago now, So much was my eagerness to learn this material, I have watched, & studied it every day since.
It's some of the best card magic I have seen in a long time. Clean, fresh, & very inventive.
Our own Lee Smith sits down with Daniel for a couple of tricks, & asks all the right questions. Lee also opens the dvd with an introdution, & does go on to say that this material
is not for the beginner. I would agree. Many of the routines require some very difficult slights, but IMHO it's well worth the effort learning them.
All of the tricks can be done using a borrowed deck, & all of the magic ends clean.
Daniel explains the more complicated slights very well, but I would say you are expected to no some of the more common ones.
The Tool Box section explains the more complicated stuff very well.
It's difficult to say which is my favourite routine on this dvd. I love them all.

"Fiddle With Biddle" is a killer. A chosen card is seen in the magician hand. Only to be found in the pack which the spectator had been holding for most of the routine (very clever)

"Cloaked Inversion" not quite got this one down smoothly yet, but boy am I working on it. This is one of the best routines I have ever seen. The routine ends with a full deck reversal whilst the spectator is holding on to a card which is sticking out of the deck. The first time I saw this, I could'nt believe what I was seeing, but the principle is so easy, the method may take a little longer.

"Mouthy Transpo" Again, this may take a little practice to get down, but well worth the effort. The ending to this can go several ways, & already I have added my own "card to wallet" to this one.
Knocks the socks off people.

I was in two minds if I should buy this dvd, watching the trailers I thought maybe it might be another one of those dvds which takes years of practice.
It is going to take a little while to get a lot of the moves down smoothly, but it's not beyond anyone who is serious about card magic.
Daniel is certainly a magicain to watch out for, & I am so pleased I bought this dvd.
Without a shadow of a doubt, the best dvd I have bought this year.

10 out of 10 for this one.

Thanks Daniel.


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Postby SpareJoker » Jul 16th, '12, 15:04

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Postby CArlight1958 » Jul 19th, '12, 11:04

SpareJoker wrote:Oooh, looks right up my street.

Thanks for the review bud :)

Your welcome SJ.
I'm also waiting for "Reflection by Bill Goodwin" to arrive.
Suppose to be some real quality stuff on there.
I'll let you no what it's like.


Support this forum - Buy DECOMPRESSION (one effect) BY DANIEL CHARD for instant download from TMTV - Click here for details
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