Multiple Revelation Project

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Multiple Revelation Project

Postby Jing » Nov 24th, '12, 18:58

I don’t buy a lot of magic, and my last review on here was ages ago... but I bought this because I’ve seen a few Multiple Revelation Routines, and I like the idea of a routine building to a climax. The ones I saw were strong, and I had heard good reviews of this DVD.

It was also my birthday last week.

The Effect
The effect is simple to describe, which is the essence of a good trick / routine, I think.

Several cards are selected, replaced in the deck and are found in increasingly impressive ways. I actually call it a multiple selection routine (same thing!)

It’s a good closing trick, as it build to a logical climax.

It’s good for walk around or a more formal close up card magic act.

The DVD (it’s actually a double disc set) teaches techniques for gaining control of the cards, making it seem like the pack is shuffled and over fifty ways to reveal the selections. There is also some talk on the theory behind the effect and why it is so strong.

Available from most places.
I got mine from Dudethatscoolmagic - stupid name, but good prices.
I was considering making it up to £50 for free postage, but that would have just been CUPS.
£23.99 + £2.50 postage = £26.49

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

It covers the whole range here.
Very easy (turning a card over etc), to advanced culls, steals, palms, etc...

I’m pleased with the advanced stuff, as I want to take my card magic up a level. Even though I perform magic professionally I often perform a lot of basic card magic. I don’t see a contradiction there as I do it well and entertain with it. I am interested in new moves though to see if there is a way to improve or simplify my routines.

The material and advice on the discs is good quality and there were a few revelations I hadn’t seen before, and a few I already did but didn’t know the name of!

They also speak how the routine is good for ‘jazzing’ making the routine up as your go along and changing it depending on the environment. It’s an interesting way to work and something which I am aware of during my routines, if only in how the routine is presented. The often performed Ambitious Card is another routine that can be performed without a clearly defined structure.

It’s also given me a few ideas about how I might perform this routine. I like being a bit creative and changing things.

The teaching is generally very good, although in some sections Andi and Rob give the wrong instruction confusing index finger for little finger, etc... I’m a perfectionist and would like to have seen those moments re-shot rather than a subtitle to explain the error. Sometimes there isn’t even that - was I the only one who noticed? Surely someone watched the set before sending it to be printed, right?

I would also like to have seen a few moves again from a reverse angle or worms-eye-view. It seems like all the revelations are taught in under about two minutes, which is fine for something simple, but not for the more complex sleight of hand moves.

The set was enjoyable to watch and I enjoyed the out-takes. It’s especially refreshing to see Andi mess up a few moves. He seems very skilled throughout the rest of the DVD. For some reason, I thought his style was a little more appealing, more confident, better? than Rob’s - maybe that’s my personality and the type of magic I like, but I preferred Andi’s performances.

The filming quality and sound is excellent - no faults there.

I’ll briefly mention how the set is put together. The first disc shows a few performances, methods for controlling the cards and a discussion about the effect. The second disc shows the revelation. There is also a 36 page booklet that comes with it. It’s not a book (as advertised), it’s a booklet. I understand that some things are more easily taken in by reading and some are more easily understood by seeing them. In places the book repeats the advice spoken on the DVD. If it was me, I would have made one disc of performances and explanations and put all of the advice in the book. It’s a bit difficult, I think, to just sit and listen to someone giving advice straight to camera, that’s better suited to reading it in your own time.

I always always want more real life performances. I know that cuts into the explanation time, but even if they did the extra performances as a download, that would be something.
With that said, I hope that Andi won’t mind me posting this link to his show at the Magic Castle. He performs the Multiple Revelation Routine at the end,

I discussed this set with a friend of mine and he said he wasn’t interested because he probably has all (or most?) of those revelations somewhere else in a book or on another DVD. I know I do because have Daryl’s Revelations set (I got it cheap on VHS from eBay), but I was interested in how they structure their routines and the advice they gave, which I thought would be more interesting that the actual moves. I don’t mind that I have the moves somewhere else too, maybe you might?

Owning the set, I have some quality advice (all from the 36 page booklet) and some new things to practice and perform. I’m glad I got the set, and I think it will be useful to me. I think the actual format of the set could have been improved, and that might have even bought the price down if there was only one disc and book. I think others would enjoy it too.

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Re: Multiple Revelation Project

Postby artychris » Nov 26th, '12, 13:15

Nice review :) Thanks for taking the time to write it.

And certainly a product on my to get list...

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Re: Multiple Revelation Project

Postby artychris » Jul 11th, '14, 00:39

I did get this quite a while ago, and am now finally getting around to learning it...

There's a lot to take in! I spent an afternoon with the first disc learning the selection procedures, and then another afternoon with the revelations disc and picked a few to work on. I'm not ready to start performing it yet... But it will happen! To get this going well will take a lot of work, but I think it's completely worth it!

For a beginners guide to multiple revelation routines, this is a superb product! To get so much from what really can be a borrowed shuffled deck :) I'm very happy with this.

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Re: Multiple Revelation Project

Postby russpie » Jul 11th, '14, 13:02

I got this when it first came out & spent about 8 months watching, making notes & practicing before cracking it out for a paid gig but it’s well worth the time. I too wanted something in my arsenal which can be done with an unset up deck either when I need to fill a gap at a table or if it gets hot & I take my jacket off & lose pocket space etc. It does really engage a table but you have to sell it & throw in some light & shade with a couple of laughs, I tend to have one person’s card return to the pocket a few time & sometimes right at the end the whole deck is in my pocket apart from just their selection.

I watched it through, then again making notes on all the revelations, from there I could work out which I wanted to incorporate & work on before building a routine. It’s also good practice to return to the dvd or notes every now & then to freshen up your set. It has to be one of the best vaule for money things I’ve bought.


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Re: Multiple Revelation Project

Postby artychris » Nov 14th, '15, 23:47

So... have been using this for a little while now. I try and keep it simple, the fireworks control is perfectly good enough, and have found a set of about twelve revelations plus an ID to finish, and I'm away!

There's a fair bit to learn if you're doing this from scratch, but for me, this is a great way to close a table... and from an un-set shuffled deck :)

Plus, beats an Ambitious Card routine, hands down!

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