The Unreal Work volume 2 review

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The Unreal Work volume 2 review

Postby CardManipulator » Feb 1st, '13, 09:17

On Dan & Dave site it's 24.95$.

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)
Well if you know zarrow shuffle and bottom deal then this might be easy for you, but if you don't know them then this might be hard for you.I'm not saying that you won't be able to do all, but you won't be able to do most of it...Because I still don't know bottom deal for me this is a 4...

Now for the contents:
Jason England

Aces to order:Shuffle the deck and dead-cut to any ace called for.Well this is basically a cut to the four aces routine and it requires a zarrow shuffle.
Bad beat:dealing hands and making choices still doesn't mean the game is fair. Sometimes it's more than the odds that are against you.Very nice effect where spectator thinks he is going to win, but suddenly you reveal your hand and it is royal flush...
Gambling demo:Jason has performed Marlo/Gardner Poker deal for twenty years.Here he reveals his personal method for this unbeatable classic.This is what I like because it's a gambling demo.I think this is the best on this DVD.
Hold Em Deal:A staggering display of apparent skill made nearly self-working through clever routining.They chose a hand and then you deal them perfect flop,turn and river...This is, I must say very nice.
Tips On The Second Deal:A lesson for beginners and those who want to correct their technique. Jason reveals the best way to learn and develop a feel for this powerful sleight.Very nice for beginners,I recommend practicing like this..
Slug Control:Jason has adapted a real-world cheating technique into a powerful control for card magic. This is very nice control, but I think probably most of you already knew this(but it is very nice)...I'm not going to say anything else because i don't want to reveal it..

Paul Wilson

Getting Burned:Whether you play Texas Hold 'Em or just watched it on TV, this proves that if the dealer is a crook, you don't stand a chance.Well like it says if the dealer is a cheater then you dont stand a chance.
Cut Up And Deal:Four aces are separated in the deck. You cut cut each one then stack them to any selected hand in just one shuffle. Like it says you find four aces and then stack them in one shuffle.
Seconds And Thirds:First you explain the concept, then you deal a perfect hand of 21 that starts on top of the deck.This is nice way of showing how a dealer can do second deals and third deals without audience to notice it.
Hybrid Shuffle: Paul combines multiple subtleties to create a remarkable variation on the Zarrow shuffle.Very nice combination of other shuffles.
WCS:Paul dribbles two halves of the deck into one messy pile. The deck remains in it's original order.This is another false shuffle where it looks you are doing it sloppy, but in reality you are retaining the order of deck...
Thanks 2 40: Deal any number of hands from a shuffled deck. Pick up those cards and immediately deal a killer hand. The spectator can even name the number of players. Includes Paul Wilson's strike bottom deal.This is nice way of cheating with less than a half of the deck.
Deep Breather:Paul's secret method for making a permanent breather crimp that is invisible on any card. X no longer marks the spot if you need strong work in your deck.This is nice crimp that is invisible, and it is good.That's pretty much all about that..

This has been a great purchase to me, I hope it will be to you if you decide to buy it. The explanations are very clear and good.And that's it...

Thanks for reading it
If you have any questions feel free to pm me or reply here

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Re: The Unreal Work volume 2 review

Postby FlipBack » Jul 25th, '13, 00:00

Thanks for the review. This seems like something I may have to purchase, I am a sucker for gambling routines and 'tricks'.

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Re: The Unreal Work volume 2 review

Postby JustCraig » Jul 25th, '13, 09:53

Sounds good, like "Flip Back" I am also a sucker for gambling routines.

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