DVS - Mark Calabrese

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DVS - Mark Calabrese

Postby kevmundo » Fri Feb 08, 2013 9:23 pm

Anybody got any thoughts on this one?

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfyaEmND ... e=youtu.be" target="_blank

It certainly appears that people can spend much more money on their promo's these days! :D However, looking beyond the glossy exterior (and I don't wish to dissect a soon to be commercially available effect) but can all the below claims be true? The first effect shown, I can understand. Thinking about it logically I know of only one way it can be achieved. [EDIT - I've just looked on the Cafe, and I'm wrong. They specifically pooh-pooh my method as not being the one used - pah!!! I'm stumped!!] But the second effect, as described, looks to be impossible. When you then throw the below claims into the mix as well I start to think I'm missing something???

I'm excited by the promo, but highly suspicious in equal measure. Let me know what you think?????

k :D

Created By Mark Calabrese, this is the low down dirty secret that will instantly elevate your card prowess!

DVS is a brilliantly simple concept that allows you to perform utterly impossible card magic that transcends sleight of hand!

It's very easy to learn, regardless of skill level, and the best part... EVERY effect can be performed with a borrowed deck!

If you perform card magic you must get DVS.

With DVS, you can:
-Locate a freely chosen card from a BORROWED, SHUFFLED deck...BLINDFOLDED!
-Predict what card a spectator will choose from a BORROWED, SHUFFLED deck...OPENLY!
-Cause someone to stop dealing, at their card...From a BORROWED, SHUFFLED deck!

All this and more is possible with DVS; you are limited only by your imagination!

On this DVD, Mark walks you through 6 of his favorite effects utilizing the DVS technique, and once learned, you will be inspired to come up with your own applications and effects!

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