Opening to a group.

Struggling with an effect? Any tips (without giving too much away!) you'd like to share?

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Re: Opening to a group.

Postby kevmundo » Jun 4th, '13, 05:55

If it works for you that's fine and you should always keep doing what works. I would worry in a restaurant that the food would start arriving before I've even started performing. Sod's law, it would happen to me every time!

K ;)

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Re: Opening to a group.

Postby sammy_789 » Jun 7th, '13, 00:09

ha bless ya kev! Your right it wouldnt fit doing in a restaurant.
"If it works for you that's fine and you should always keep doing what works." never been truer words and its all about seeing what works for you.


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Re: Opening to a group.

Postby HenryM » Jun 15th, '13, 22:13

I like to have little tricks in my pocket that I can use to introduce myself.

For example, d'lites. If a lady is wearing a red dress, I'll walk up to her and say "Hello madam/miss that's a lovely shade of red on your dress, I must say. Might I borrow some?" When she looks at me quizzically I simply use the d'lites and make it seem like I'm taking some of the red. It works wonderfully and as long as you put it into a set, you can transition very easily into another trick.

I use this simply because it lets everyone know that I'm a magician and is quick and impressive. After that I can have time to get to know people by asking their names as I move around a table and do magic for them.

Let me know if this helps, and thanks to everyone who has already posted with some really great ideas.

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Re: Opening to a group.

Postby MylieMagic » Jul 15th, '13, 10:11

I usually approach and say

'Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is Alan, I have been asked by (insert host name) to come and entertaining you just for a few minutes....' and then go into my opening routine. I find it important to say 'I have been asked by..... to come and entertain you' as this lets the guests know that you have actually been booked to perform at the event and not just anybody walking around. I also say 'for just a few minutes' as this lets them know I am not going to be there too long.


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Re: Opening to a group.

Postby Cjc101 » Nov 22nd, '15, 23:00

Fantastic question, this was going to be my first question on the forum.
Alan - I heard Wayne Fox say exactly the same and it's the opening I use and it works for me. My situation is slightly different as the audiences are at a magic evening so they are expecting magicians. Even then we have still have people say no and turn us away. The people have paid to be there and don't want to see magic! If people say no to me I offer no challenge and quickly move on. There are plenty of other people who do want to see us. And occasionally the one who has told you to get stuffed looks over from the corner of their eye, interested but not wanting to show it.
Incidentally - I live near a high street so there are lots of restaurants near my house. Ample opportunity for exposure for me or so I thought. Everyone I have spoken to says they don't want "entertainment" approaching them during a meal. It's awkward, uncomfortable and interrupts them socialising with their friends. It's put me off pursuing the opportunity. You shouldn't be upset if you get some rejections. I say is a huge credit to you to get any acceptances!

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