2 Draw Duplications by Titanas

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Review : two Drawing Duplications Titanas

Postby alanjonesUK » Jun 30th, '13, 12:50

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Video : 2 Drawing Duplications by Titanas

As professional mentalist I try to follow these two key rules:-

I need to be able to perform something totally impromptu and where possible I’d like to be able to replicate some of my key stage effects in an informal, impromptu situation.

One of my favourite stage effects is a drawing duplication – hence my interest in this video.

I want to write a meaningful review without tipping the method so I can say that Patrick Kuffs has a take on this kind of approach and I’ve written something similar in my book Mostly Mental BUT this video (and the method it contains) is a great addition to any working performer’s arsenal.

I maintain that the more methods you have at your disposal to accomplish and an effect (or similar effect) the more flexibility you have as a performer in the ‘real’ world.
What I liked about this video was the detail and subtleties which are discussed. Methodologically you’d understand the process on one sentence – but there’s some really nice touches which make the video worth watching and a reflecting upon.

To restate this is a drawing duplication which can be performed impromptu, no pre-show, no special pads and a gimmick, if it can be called that, which you can make in 30 seconds. (Actually to call it a gimmick is a bit misleading).

My personal scoring for this video would be as follows:

Video Production : 5/10

The Practicality of the effect : 10/10 – this is a workers approach to a challenge

Skill Level : actually requires very little in the way of technical skills BUT it requires (and deserves) confident and professional presentational skills. The drawing duplication effect, is in my opinion, one of the strongest effects in Mentalism and to present this in a smart-ass ‘show you a trick’ way diminishes the effect. As many performers know ‘tricks’ invite questions and a focus on method whereas ‘acts of wonder’ which have a personal, emotional context speak to something behind the ‘how’ and create the ‘wow’’.

Simply duplicating a drawing is one thing, this method allows you to do this very cleanly, but making the action of duplication mean something is the thing which separates the mentalist from the magician and the magician from the trickster.

Recommendation : As a working mentalist add this to your arsenal; as a thinking mind-magician look at a method you possibly know from another context and stop thinking as a ‘conjuror’; as someone who wants to collect methods for no other purpose than to be the smarty-pants at the party – pass it up. It’s too good for un-thinking tricksters.

All the best


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Re: 2 Draw Duplications by Titanas

Postby mcsgadgets » Jul 2nd, '13, 20:03

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Re: 2 Draw Duplications by Titanas

Postby eveningzoo » Aug 21st, '13, 20:30

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