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Postby TheOldForum » Aug 17th, '01, 03:03

Name: Scotch and Soda
Price: £13.99 from Magictricks
Type: Coins
Difficulty: 2
Performance time: About 3 to 5 min
Examinable: Yes
Reset Time: A few min alone
What you get: Two coins, a bang ring, and the routine

Show an American half dollar and a Mexican centavo.
The spectator is then asked to notice that the centavo is slightly smaller
than the half dollar. The performer then places the centavo and half
dollar into the spectator's hand, and asks the spectator to place the coins
behind his back and put one coin in each hand. After this is done, the performer
asks for the centavo back, but the spectator is unable to give it to him because
now all the spectator has is the half dollar and an American quarter!
At this time, both coins can be examined.

This effect is very easy to perform and requires little practice,
however, it is slightly angle-y, but the angles are very wide.
Also highly recommended is the accompanying
book "Amazing Magic Tricks with a Scotch & Soda or
Dime & Penny", which contains a lot of other effects.
There are virtually thousands of effects you can perform
with this wonderful set of coins.
You might want to get the Gin & Tonic version,
because it uses some foreign coin along with an
American Quarter. When you make the quarter disappear,
you can make your folding coin or open through coin
appear anywhere else and they’ll be none the wiser.

Overall Rating:

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Postby TheOldForum » Sep 8th, '01, 11:29

I have a version of Scotch & Soda called Vodka & Orange Juice. It is based on the exact same principle as Scotch & Soda but uses the new American Gold Dollar and a Quarter. It is a good alternative for those who don't want to use non american currency in their magic, possibly making people suspect something is "up". The quarter and dollar are placed in the spectators hands and the quarter changes into a nickel or penny, which ever one you choose. You can also do coin transportations & dissaperances with it. I highly recommend this trick as it is somthing that happens right in the spectators hands. And the examinability at the end makes this one of the best coin tricks you can perform.

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Postby nkuk123 » Jun 10th, '07, 14:24

ive got scotch and soda in a 10 p 2 p version as i live in the uk but i find that i cant let the spectator examine it as it feels right but its very light and doesnt sound real if say u tap uit or something. i use this trick alot but also ive found that another reason i cant let them exaqmine it is because i dont know whagt happened but it doesnt fit in properly so i just end it quite quickly by saying look .... because i put another 10 p like in their pocket or something. i think its worth buying but i dont think you should
try n let them examine it

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Postby Sym » Jun 12th, '07, 18:06

I VERY rarely let anyone examine ANYTHING, even if there are no gimmicks involved. There should be no need to. People should just enjoy watching the magic for what it is.

I think your problem lies in the fact that you are performing mostly for family and friends. If that is the case, then a simple "Why can't you be like everyone else, and just enjoy the magic?" usually guilts them into not wanting to examine. Hehe...

Audience control is definately a factor when it comes to magic in the 'real' world (ie. performaing for people you don't know).

My 2 cents!

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Postby Mr.Mystery » Jan 28th, '08, 21:46

Scotch and soda is definetely worth getting no matter what your skill level is. When I perform the effect I usually like to make to centavo transpose itself rather thansimply make it disapear, I find thhat people are more imressed by this 'double climax'. I also must agree with sym when he talks about not letting anything be examined. Although, the coins are examinable I don't usually like to tell spectators to examine theem because this puts the thought into their head that something about them could be rigged. Even if they don't find something, they still may think that something was wring with them.

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Postby HenryHoudini » Feb 19th, '08, 03:04

I actually just bought this today, and it seems incredibly simple, but it's really fun, and really easy. My advice from the few hours I've had it is to just sit down, with the coins and the bang ring, and just try and figure something out. You'll probably find something great. I know I did right away. That's all I have to say, I'd rather not speak before I've had the effect long enough.

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Postby itsamagicthing » Apr 15th, '08, 00:32

I use the line "Would you let me read the messages on you mobile phone?" when anyone asks me to show them anything. If for what every reason they say yes, you have packed the effect away and moved on to the next by the time they have got the phone out (but remember, your not being smart, just funny)... Just a thought you can use. Keep it personal to you, time will give you crowd skills..

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Postby gymguy203 » Aug 14th, '08, 05:42

This effect is so great because anyone can make up a great routine. Its so easy to adapt this trick to any surrounding. It is really easy and resets in less then 30 seconds. I would recomend this trick to anyone who is getting started on magic.


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Postby magicdiscoman » Aug 15th, '08, 23:22

ok peeps this is a little routine i do which should address most od what you have been discussing.
the routine:-

from a little purse you tip out some coins, you show a copper coin and a silver coin and place them both in the specs hand and have them close them around your fingers which you then remove and turn thier hand palm down.
you take out a tiny wand and give it to the spec to give there closed hand a couple of taps, one hot, one cold. :lol: they open the hand and only the silver coin is seen, you take the wand from them and the silver coin casualy show both sides wilst placing the purse on the open hand.
you then use the small wand to vanish the silver coin and the spec will find both examinable coins in the purse.

the explanation:-

yeah right, but lets just give you some basics, the two coins are in the purse and the special ones are behind the purse and tipped them out (use watever container you like).
they close your fingers around their hand to help the first vanish and to prove your hands are empty.
for wand vanish try a strike vanish or watever vanish you like.
you then get two vanishes and two seperate reaperences and everything is examinable, if you wan't to add a transpo you will need to add a third coin at the key stage, show the two coins, copper on top then reverse the coins before they go into the hand.

hope this is clear without giving anything away save what is already known about this versatile coin set, on a releated notew you can noe get english penny versions and a rather atractive version which is easier to reset similar to a coin unique.


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