Aldo Colombini - now R.I.P., Broken Wand

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Aldo Colombini - now R.I.P., Broken Wand

Postby saxmad » Feb 11th, '14, 14:17

My heart is very heavy as I share the news just received from Rachel Colombini through Simone Marron.

“terrible news. Aldo suffered catastrophic stroke yesterday.
Left side of brain dead spreading fast to the right side, paralyzed, no speech, hospice taking over now. It will be just days, nothing we can do. Sorry to have to give you this news.
I am devastated – bulletin to be released to magic world tomorrow.”

Please keep our dear friends Aldo and Rachel in your thoughts and prayers.

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Re: Aldo Colombini - BAD NEWS!

Postby Lady of Mystery » Feb 11th, '14, 17:05

That's really terrible news, I'm really sad to hear it.

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Re: Aldo Colombini - BAD NEWS!

Postby Mandrake » Feb 11th, '14, 18:05

Terrible news indeed....

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Rip Aldo.

Postby mr invisible » Feb 12th, '14, 19:42

Just read the sad news regarding the passing of Aldo colombini. Another true great departs the magic world. :(

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Re: Aldo Colombini - now R.I.P., Broken Wand

Postby daleshrimpton » Feb 12th, '14, 22:32

There are few people in the magic world who have made as big an impact as Aldo Colombini. the man was a genius.. Sadly His passing was announced by his wife, Rachel earlier today, via her facebook page. The world of magic is a duller place because of his passing.. and it will both mourn his passing, and celebrate his life. It doesn't feel right to say rest in peace, because thanks to his incredible contributions to the field of magic, his voice will be heard around the world for many, many years to come.... whilst the man may be gone, his legacy will live for ever...

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