Alan Alan.. Broken wand.

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Alan Alan.. Broken wand.

Postby daleshrimpton » Jul 5th, '14, 12:08

Just found out, via face book, that magical legend Alan Alan has passed on.

Born Alan Rabinowitz in November 1926,He would make his mark on the world of magic, by performing spectacular, and potentially dangerous escapes and stunts, including in 1949 buried alive,a stunt that nearly cost him his life as it went wrong, and he had to be rescued by the spectators. This incident captured on video.. ... /alan+alan

Here he is, at a british ring convention, performing his signature burning rope escape.. ... /alan+alan

and Finally some close up magic, and bar bets.. ... /alan+alan

Alan went on to open the magic spot in London, a real magic shop in every way.
He was one of magic's great characters, and a major influence on so many people.
small in stature,but a giant in life ...

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Re: Alan Alan.. Broken wand.

Postby Mandrake » Jul 5th, '14, 15:52

Thank you Dale - sad news indeed, another legend gone.

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Re: Alan Alan.. Broken wand.

Postby mark lewis » Jul 6th, '14, 04:12

I knew Alan reasonably well. Sorry to hear that.

mark lewis
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Re: Alan Alan.. Broken wand.

Postby mr invisible » Jul 6th, '14, 10:22

Such a shame.. I saw a TV preview just recently on the BBC regarding his life's work.. :(

Is magic really real ??
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