Paul Stockmans Impossible Envelope

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Paul Stockmans Impossible Envelope

Postby Happy Madison » Sep 29th, '14, 14:25

First review so be kind and gentle!!! Lol

I bought Paul Stockmans Connected DVD's quite a while ago and the material on them is really stunning and I use quite a few of these effects in my own performances, whether they are for friends or family. I was so impressed by his material that I decided to buy his Impossible Envelope effect from Alakazam @ £17.99.

Now for those of you who are not aware of Paul Stockman, he's a mentalist, similar to Derren Brown, so don't expect card or coin magic.

It arrived really quickly, as is usual for Alakazam, and I couldn't wait to get started. From the website:-

"I have already made up a set of envelopes and in short Paul's idea is Absolutely Brilliant."
Jeff McBride

Direct from the professional repertoire of Paul Stockman, the "Impossible Envelope” is an innovative new prediction effect that can be used for stage or close up work.

Confabulation, multiple outs, publicity stunts and headline predictions are just a few of the effects possible with this unique take on the "prediction chest” plot. Paul’s version is aimed at the working pro that wants to achieve the same with everyday looking objects.

With a load so quick and easy that it feels almost automatic, the "Impossible Envelope” will open up a wealth of possibilities for the creative modern performer; your mind will be filled with endless possibilities.

Please note that there is some construction required with the IMPOSSIBLE ENVELOPE but it is thoroughly explained on the tutorial DVD

If you go to Alakazams website you'll be able see Paul perform a demonstration of one of the many possible effects using this system, and I have to say I was impressed. The DVD content is deep, detailed and thoroughly explained. The additional 'materials' included are so wonderfully basic and well made. The construction of props is also not very difficult at all and this effect can really be used for a multitude of possibilities. From newspaper article predictions, to playing cards, ESP cards, pretty much anything.

When practicing I did think that the 'additional materials' wouldn't stand up to quicker or rougher treatment but they easily handle it which, in my opinion, can make the opening of envelopes much more natural and not so cautious looking. Paul and Peter Nardi go through different uses for this system and different handling techniques and the load sequence really is as simple as it gets. It's also hidden in plain sight and beautifully executed in the process of doing something that is second nature, so it doesn't seem suspicious at all.

All in all, a really great item for £17.99 which can help transform existing effects or aide in the thinking of new ones.

Hope that gives a good review of this product and I do highly recommend it as well as his Connected DVD's.

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