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Postby magicdiscoman » Oct 22nd, '14, 14:53

The Effect I paid for this on the strength of the video alone.
Transcendence is a super visual coin across that happens in the spectators open palm with no cover. That is right! No cover, the extra coin just pops into view with no explanation as to where it came from! This has to be seen to be believed!

A coin is placed on the open palm of a spectator and another coin is used to demonstrate the fact that the coin can jump up and down through the spectator's other hand. Having demonstrated this the coin is then vanished and it visually reappears on the spectator's hand that is holding the original coin.

This has been a holy grail of coin magic for a long time, to be able to make a coin visually appear with no cover on a spectator's hand and Leon Deo Scott has developed a solution that is not only amazingly visual, easy to do and simple to set up but resets instantly and can be performed again at a moments notice.

Transcedence transcends the barriers of regular coin magic, whether you are a working professional or an amateur you will find yourself not only having great fun performing this effect but you will find it simply stuns people into mouth gaping silence as it looks like pure magic. After all if you really could make a coin jump from hand to hand wouldn't you do it with no cover and in full view?

It is very rare that an effect comes along that is perfect for street magic, close up work, the working professional and still be visually stunning enough to be on a TV special but Transcendence ticks all these boxes and more. It is not only limited to a coin across routine but can be used in a number of other routines, for instance coins through table. Imagine the impact if you utilized an M5 kit or Raven with the Transcendence system the effect would be simply awesome!

Points to remember:

Easy to do

Resets in seconds

Immediately repeatable

Super visual

Can be performed in the hands

Perfect for walk around and street magic conditions


With the full set you get everything you need. You get the Transcendence tuition DVD, and a special pack containing all the props and gimmicks you will need. We have had the core gimmick specially made for us, so it's perfectly suited for performing Transcendence over and over again, in the toughest of real situations. We wanted to give you a device to use for Transcendence that's also perfect for many other amazing coin magic effects!

Cost £39.99 full £19.99 download £20.42 ex VAT dvd.

Difficulty 3 basic sleights with some audience management.

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

Review:- with the video download and the dvd some elements are missing, this package includes the needed gimmicks setup for use (3) and the second gimmick engineered for constant use (this is not included with the dvd).
so you get three of gimmick 1 lets call this the activator and gimmick 2 which you can change for your own currency, it is assumed you have this gimmick already and most have who work with coins for any length of time.

initially I was thinking of the old jumping frog, sucker and spring toy or a modified flipper but not giving anything away, gimmick 1 allows a totally hands off approach whether its in yours or the spectators hand and gimmick 1 can be used independently for many other tricks, which is why I think the full package is worth the money even though you would probably change the supplied gimmick 2 for your own.
since I Havant watched the dvd version on its own but have read other more venerable people slate it on other forums I will assume that world of magic has elongated / repeated certain aspects of the teaching to make them clearer, there are only 3 basic sleights, 1 of which involves gimmick 2 directly, all easy to grasp although there again is a presumption you have learnt these before and a credited Sankey move which involves combining sleights 1 & 2 which are the classics of coin magic so nothing too difficult here and even thought the video production is basic in the extreme the bonus material is worth watching to get the ideas flowing.
those that have worked with gimmick 1 before will already understand its potential and may well have seen his special, fair play he doesn't say my own invention, set up before but that said its allows for on the fly adjustments and accident recovery, this package makes a great introduction to 2 gimmicks that you will use again for other effects independently as well as combined and will give you plenty of scope for invention.

Overall a fair priced package for what you get, gimmick 1 includes a few routines for independent use of this gimmick and there are numerous dvds on this subject as there is for gimmick 2 even a total novice who had never seen either gimmick before would have ideas aplenty just by typing the gimmick names into a search engine so would recommend this package to anyone.


Re: transcendence

Postby mr invisible » Oct 22nd, '14, 19:58

Fantastic!! 8)

Is magic really real ??
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