Mullica Card To Wallet by Tom Mullica & Heinz Menton

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Mullica Card To Wallet by Tom Mullica & Heinz Menton

Postby MagicOrthodoxy » Jan 14th, '15, 19:36

Item: Mullica Wallet
Creator: Tom Mullica & Heinz Minton
Publisher: Tom Mullica & Heinz Minton
MSRP: $80
Skill Level: ALL
DVD Run time: 5 minutes

Type of effect: Card to wallet

Manufacturer's Write Up:
A Spectator selects a card and the magician takes a wallet from either his pocket, or which has been lying on the table all time. Stating that the selected card will be found in this wallet the magician opens it. Inside he does not find the card but finds a smaller wallet. After opening this smaller wallet the selected card is found inside.

The wallet is made of a fine quality soft leather and special designed for this effect. Comes with written instructions and performance and instructions on DVD by Tom Mullica himself.

What's in the box?
You get the leather wallet (obviously and yes, it's real leather). You get written instructions and a playable DVD

Key points:
With this trick - no palming is necessary. No Forcing. And yes - the card can be signed - no extra cards! And best of all, when the performer returns the wallet to his pocket, it is ready to do again!

My thoughts:
This item is very well made and very professional looking. The Mullica wallet would make a great addition to anybody who performs table hopping, walk-around or restaurant magic.

Is it well made: YES!

Is it well taught: It's good - you only get the basics, there are not any alternate handlings or extras on the DVD at all.

How are the production values: 'Eh, kind of lackluster, it's a single shot in Tom's Las Vegas home, I think at one time his dog walks on camera.

Overall score: 10/10

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