The Classifying Deck by Mago Granell

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The Classifying Deck by Mago Granell

Postby MagicOrthodoxy » Jan 14th, '15, 20:11

Effect: The Classifying Deck
Creator: Mago Granell
Publisher: Granell Magic Inc.
MSRP: $30
Skill Level: ALL
DVD Run time: 20 minutes

Type of effect: Card location

Manufacturer's Write Up:
With this deck you can cut the exact amount of cards you wish, from any fifty two positions with a zero margin of error. You can find the Aces or Kings from any place or any arrangement of the deck, it's magic. The deck can be examined by your spectators at any time and can also work as a regular deck.

What's in the box?
You get the gimmicked deck (which is true and not true, as you get a full 52 cards, but only a handful of them are gimmicked) and you get the DVD

Key Points:
Instructional DVD in Spanish and English + Well made gimmicked cards

My Thoughts
Mago has made it very simple for the most inexperienced performer to pull off these astounding effects of "card-sharkery." Although the method here is not new and a bit dissapointing.

Is it well made:
The deck = YES!
The DVD = I have to say not so much

Is it well taught: It's ok, I don't speak Spanish, so I have to go by the translation at the bottom of the screen.

How are the production values: 'Eh, not great. It's filmed like one of those old vintage VHS cassettes.

Overall score: 5/10

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