Any /r/Magic(Secrets) folks among you?

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Any /r/Magic(Secrets) folks among you?

Postby Dan Q » Jan 16th, '15, 11:10

Just out of curiosity, and at the risk of being caught talking about other places on the Internet, are any of you on /r/Magic and/or /r/MagicSecrets, Reddit's alternative to our public and private forums, respectively? They're not as good as this place, of course, not least because of the overwhelming influence of the colonies :wink:, but they're not bad either and see some activity. The former gets a few posts a day: usually links to videos but sometimes broad discussions on technique. The latter gets a few posts a week and is more heavyweight: identifying particular effects, discussing specific sleights, etc. If you've not seen it, it might be worth a look once in a while. Just remember that they're not as friendly and wonderful as we are here.

I'm /u/avapoet, by the way.

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Dan Q
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Re: Any /r/Magic(Secrets) folks among you?

Postby bmat » Mar 10th, '15, 17:19

No, but I also talk on Magic Bunny, I know a mortal enemy of this place, but I like both.

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Re: Any /r/Magic(Secrets) folks among you?

Postby Mandrake » Mar 10th, '15, 20:04

Just to set the record straight, we see Magic Bunny as colleagues with a slightly different approach. In fact we do exchange information from time to time with the folks over there. Having said that it's also good to have some friendly rivalry!

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