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Postby Bin G » May 29th, '15, 21:00

Hello, everyone. Nice to meet you all. The name's Bin.

I'm a hobbyist who'd be happy to eventually make a little money on the side performing. My favorite type of magic is coin magic, which I'm spending most of my time on. I'm currently working on building up my technical ability along with my presentation skills. They go hand in hand, I've noticed. (Duh.)

So yeah, I'm just here to talk about magic - hopefully get a little bit of good advice and pointers, maybe even pitch in a little bit with my own opinion (inexperienced as it may be.) I'd just like to hear from some people who know stuff, you know?

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Bin G
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Re: Hello

Postby Mandrake » May 29th, '15, 21:04

Hi and welcome!!

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Re: Hello

Postby moonbeam » May 30th, '15, 10:53

Hi and welcome to TM :)

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Re: Hello

Postby mr invisible » Jun 1st, '15, 08:33

Welcome along sir.. Like a bit of coin magic myself. Probably have every coin trick/gimmick you can own.. Any advice needed will always try and help..
Regards Garry. :)

Is magic really real ??
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mr invisible
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Re: Hello

Postby Lady of Mystery » Jun 1st, '15, 10:33

Hiya, welcome along to TM :D

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