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Postby UndergroundSvengali » Jul 25th, '15, 16:26


So I decided I buy one of Patrick Redford's comic style books (in PDF....YES it looks beautiful and perfect. It doesn't look like someone did it with a typewriter) after hearing about them for years, decided on Square and let me tell you that at FIRST effect it scared me to think I could've missed out, I grasped the book to my chest like a relived mother finding her child.

As part of a 5 comic book series, Square is the fourth Patrick Redford released. Square is devoted to mental feats with a deck of cards. All of the material is 100% impromptu. 

If you wanna come off like Derren Brown with a deck of cards and completely appear to have complete control! From; the order of the deck, the choices the spectators ends up making after heavy deliberation, and even having the spectator reveal info the spectator CAN'T know, beause NOBODY genuinely knows this info not even the PERFORMER and get this, they'll ALWAYS be spot on!
I'll talk about the effects abit now....

Now, I found gold while I was reading and there's a lil secret effect taught in this book that's taught in the intro. For years people have probably missed it and let me tell you, the jokes on you....Patrick really just revealed the ACAANs of ACAANs. The spectator stops at any card (no force. No nothing yet) the card goes back to the position where it was chosen from (yes the same old position it just came from), give them the deck right away, ask them to try and guess the number of cards down their choice is located on, they say a number and deal down until that number. They're right!!! EVERY time. The deck is in THEIR hands when they come up with the final number, when THEY DEAL down, and THEY turn over the last card (their card)...

Heres the description of the published effects. So hold on to your heart, personally my favorite was Card counter but all of the effects, have this "master of the deck" feel that It doesn't appear to matter if it's a spectators thought, a deck in someone else's hand, a deck on the table, or just a couple of cards on the table EVERYTHING will happen if you (the performer) simply just want it to occur on demand. It's MIND CONTROL, let's just say that and begin:)

CARD COUNTER: Under the fairest possible conditions, the performer is able to tell the subject what card he's thinking of after quickly looking through the deck of cards once at rapid speed. After proving to be correct, the subject is then given the power to duplicate this difficult feet with uncanny results. 

ESP CARDS: Five ESP cards are perfectly matched by the subject in a clean, direct, and mind boggling fashion. Virtually Self-Working. No One Ahead. 
This is probably the fastest, sqqqquuuueeeeakiest clean, ESP test. It keeps to par with this "master of of space and mind feel. I mean WHAT OTHER BOOK TEACHES THIS STUFF? WHERE DOES PATRICK REDFORD COME FROM? I'm not surprised this is from his mind. Is this real? Well yes, there's just no jive! There's just none. Patrick really just wants to share how he's smarter than you (lol basically), he obviously doesn't have time to rip you off with bull...I'd do the same if I knew these effects, trust me Patrick wants your praise and he wants you to email him thanking him. And you should, I have (literally)

30 CARD POKER DEAL:Harness the power to influence a subject's every decision. The much anticipated release of Redford's poker deal. A killer 3 phase routine that uses real suggestion techniques with a 100% fail safes and a special kicker prediction ending. It even works with jumbo cards on stage! 
This will be your sign that you graduated from this book (when you want to learn this one and respect it) I won't explain how it has value. You'll see it on your own grasshopper:)

You'll want to perform AAALLL the effects back to back trust me...soon enough you can make these into your go-to effects when someone throws a deck of cards your way.

One last thing, if you want to learn new card effects that are just more worthy of watching and killer effects that'll impress ladies to think "well that was no card trick, how'd he do that then? That was something Criss Angel would do". This book really is for you and if you buy this on PDF, know that it'll look the exact same as the comic book. There might be difficulty with your phone accepting the PDF but email Patrick Redford, he'll be glad to send you different PDF versions until it works (if you downloaded the PDF) The guy is really caring and fixes your problem as if it were his...I've annoyed him more than enough about the difficulty with my PDF (it's just my phone that's the problem) and the guy hasn't ignored me, he replies to you, by now my issue is fixed...so I'm POSITIVE whatever question you have will be answered and he'll walk you to the end

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