South Tyneside International Magic Festival

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South Tyneside International Magic Festival

Postby archini » Feb 27th, '16, 11:36

Well now that the two big conventions are out of the way (Blackpool and The Session) why not consider something a little different; The South Tyneside International Magic Festival, affectionately (though awkwardly) known as STIMF.
A magic convention ran in conjunction with South Tyneside Council culminating at the end of a week of magic events within the local community.
The dates are March 11th-13th.

I have just been informed that the Customs House Theatre has released a further 20 seats for the gala shows, which are also open to 250 members of the public making for a great gala show atmosphere. More importantly this means that we now have some extra registrations available.

STIMF is very different in feel to many conventions with a very social feel. Being small (usually around 150 registrants) means that it feels very informal and relaxed. Registrants get lots of chance to interact during the lectures and events and to spend time with the acts we have booked. As Dale Shrimpton once noted “What people should know,is that the convention never has been about the magic. It's about jinn, partygames and Japanese whiskey at 2am. And friendships created that last forever.”

This years lineup has been suggested by some to be the best we have had performing and lecturing we have:
From the USA John Carney and Chad Long,
From Belgium Rafael with his great comedy act.
From Sweden Malin Nilsson
From Germany Alana
UK comedy juggler Steve Rawlings
Crazy antics from Men in Coats.
Childrens Show and Lecture from Paul Megram
Stand up comedy moments from Danny Buckler and Phil Butler.
And some of the best magic performers in the UK to perform and lecture for us, Paul Wilson, Michael Vincent, Will Houstoun, Ken Nedy, Peter Clifford and of course my reasonable self John Archer.

2 gala shows, close up gala, late night comedy, lectures, workshops, a comedy magic panel, Fun history from a Magical Doctor, and lots of socializing!
I promise you will have fun.

To register visit the website where you can download a registration form or call Derek (Not Lever) at South Tyneside Council on 01914247821 where you can register direct with him.
If you want further information you can download the Eventbase App (IOS and Android) and search the convention for a full program and performer info.
You could also join our Facebook page: and ask any questions you may have.
I hope to see some of you there. (March 11th-13th)


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Re: South Tyneside International Magic Festival

Postby Mandrake » Feb 27th, '16, 14:17

Thank John, my bags are packed and ticket is in the wallet ready and waiting!

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