A newbie's review of a magic trick

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A newbie's review of a magic trick

Postby jmaday » Jul 1st, '16, 18:44

Invisible deck.jpg

The ID Trick Review

The ID trick surely will get some strange looks from your audience! This trick is also one of my favorites, because it simply stuns people. Oh, the looks people give me when I perform this amazing trick… They are irresistibly hilarious.

If you’re looking for an excuse to have fun, try learning this trick! It only took me 2 days, and may take you an even shorter amount of time! However, the ID trick is one of my all-time favorite tricks to learn. I say this because it was easy, came with great instructions, and just in case you are new to card tricks, there are videos online of people doing this trick.

I came across this trick and was immediately obligated to buy it by my own mind. It’s almost like it hypnotized me into loving it, before I even bought it. I’m positive you will feel the same way if you choose to check this one out. I can truly recommend this trick to anyone seeking not only how to do this trick, but also experience for future card tricks.

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