Performance tips

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Performance tips

Postby Semloh88 » Aug 24th, '17, 16:29

Hey guys!
I'm new to this forum and also more or less new to magic. I uploaded some of my performances to Youtube. It would be nice if you could give me some feedback so I can improve.
This could also be helpful to other new magicians as they might be making the same mistakes as I am.

This is the video: Feel free to tell me what I can do better!

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Re: Performance tips

Postby Boris » Aug 25th, '17, 11:47

Of that 6+ minutes, I only saw one trick. For that one trick, I'd suggest a classic force because it's more convincing that the choice is free (particularly using a duplicate, because, unless it's signed, it's really not that hard for a non-magician to figure out).

Other than that, I'd say get a less annoying song as filler.

I'd also suggest that the next time you ask for help with your magic tricks, you actually show the tricks you want critiqued, because I took you at your word and honestly feel that you rooked me into watching a video with no intention other than to get clicks.

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