Anythings Possible Theory

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Anythings Possible Theory

Postby U THINK I KNOW » Sep 6th, '17, 14:17

Hey there, I don't know if this is the place to post this but here's my theory and I'd like to know what you think about it. The theory is that ANY effect (outcome) is possible to be brought out


Science + Creativity = Effect


Effect + Showmanship = Magic

Science says that "If you don't have (put) anything in your hand then your hand is empty"

Creativity says that "If I can make it look like I put something there a second ago then I can make an illusion of Impossibility (Effect)"

Then if I take the Effect and give it the right Showmanship I made "Magic!"

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Re: Anythings Possible Theory

Postby bmat » Sep 6th, '17, 15:27

Really not sure of your question. What do I think about your theory? It is pretty much the basis of magic. Take something that is not possible in any way shape or form and make it look like you have done it.

I don't have to make a coin vanish. The reality is I cannot make the coin vanish. But I can possibly make you believe I made the coin vanish. And that is the magic.

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Re: Anythings Possible Theory

Postby U THINK I KNOW » Sep 7th, '17, 13:29

I think it should inspire anyone that is thinking of creating an effect. And I guess your answer is you agree, I was just wondering if anyone disagreed.

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Re: Anythings Possible Theory

Postby JohnnyMac » Sep 9th, '17, 10:38

Just my opinion, but your theory looks too much like an equation and I don't think magic can be explained in that way, much the same as art cannot.

However, I do beleive a recipe can be applied:-

1. Dream up the effect (creativity).
2. Develop the method (creativity again, plus some science). Now you have magic.
3. Develop the showmanship (more creativity). Now you have entertainment.
4. Practise, improve, refine.
5. Perform.
6. Repeat from 4. downward.

The effect should show something that defies logic and the laws of physics as we know them. The effect can be visual, or happen in the mind.

Once we have dreamt up the effect, then and only then, comes development of the method.

The ideal method should be completely invisible to the audience. All movements should look completely natural. Anything else is a compromise. Distance the time between method and effect (if the audience don't know when the 'dirty work' was done, they'll never discover how it was done).

The showmanship should strengthen the magic. Build the story and make people want to believe. Build the suspense. Minimise patter, so that what you say and how you say it, always contributes to the effect. Get people to like you. Make them laugh.

The quality of the trick depends on the 'wow' factor from a lay audience, not other magicians. Just bear in mind, you'll get good and bad audiences as any magician who's done close-up at tables will tell you. If you keep getting blank looks when the effect happens, it can mean one of two things:- a). The trick just doesn't 'do it' for them. b). You've completely fried their minds so that they are no longer capable of speaking or showing any signs of emotion :)


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