I want your effects!

Struggling with an effect? Any tips (without giving too much away!) you'd like to share?

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I want your effects!

Postby Tap » Oct 14th, '17, 17:36

Well, sorta...

Have you a killer illusion/effect in your mind you would KILL with, but doesn't exist? How about an illusion not able to be done with SOH that would be the perfect bridge between illusions in your routine? Do you want a unique effect nobody has ever seen before?

I'm quite the 'maker', as they are called these days, with electronics. Studied all my life, military & civilian formal training (soldering school!), and keeping with the times, computers. I'm a geek's geek. As someone new to performing close-up, I am at a loss, though, for what experienced magicians such as you lot want, or know will work. In fact, I want to make prototypes for those here to get their feedback, help their performances, etc.-even if not close-up. I started years ago working with smaller and smaller devices, battery-powered, remote control, light/sound/etc. sensitive, programmable, and immediately saw that there is a huge % of magicians that use some sort of props. Typically static, I'm trying to find ways to marry my hobbies that are on the cutting edge of what is possible dynamically or reactively, so specs won't be saying they know how an illusion is done.

That said, and hoping this is an appropriate forum category, I'm keenly interested in effects/presentations you want to have in your repertoire. Please don't mentally cage yourself in by telling yourself, "I know this can't be done, but..." or limiting your answer based on your experience. Shoot for the moon, brass ring, all that; you might be surprised at the ways illusions can be done. I'm just looking for 'partners' who will be willing to inform & refine illusions for their own use, in exchange for having what they want. Sound fair?

And no, I'm not looking for money-this is more important than money.

I am catching up fast, but I am 90% problem solver (method) and only 10% magician (effect), so I'd rather not waste my time with what I think is useful. Instead, I want to hear from the veterans in the trenches, and work with them. It's a pretty fair deal for both. You get to create & refine something you can actually use for nothing, and I get to create something useful that is proven in the field, refined by feedback from actual performance.

If you want to discuss, please respond to this thread, or feel free to PM!


[P.S. Moderator: I want to make absolutely clear that this is in no way a solicitation for money, business, etc., but rather an offer to combine resources to improve the magic community. I would never discuss money, for hire, or whatever like that on a forum like this, as I feel that is the peak of unprofessionality(is that a word?). And this means even using the electrons reserved for PMs. PM/email me if in doubt, but like I said: This is more important to me than money.]

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