Patrick Page- Secret Seminars of Magic: Sponge Balls DVD

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Patrick Page- Secret Seminars of Magic: Sponge Balls DVD

Postby Dean Sexton » Jun 27th, '05, 10:54

Format- DVD (NTSC)

Effects- 4 Vanishes, Benson Bowl Routine, Blow up, Jump, Multi Ball Production, Repeat Ball Production w/ colour change, Balls From Mouth, Colour Change w/ D** Tube, Ball To Silk, Patrick Page Professional Routine w/ explanation + alternative finale, Split, Impromptu Hold Out, From a Purse Frame, With a TT, From a Chop Cup, Chop Hat Routine, Balls Through Table Under Hat, Closing Thoughts

Cost- I got this for a fantastic £9.75 from Tam Sheppards, but it may cost a few pounds more depending what web site you get it from.

(1=easy to do, 2=No sleights, but not so easy, 3=Some sleights used,
4=Advanced sleights used, 5=Suitable for experienced magicians only)

3- sleights required, but the way he talks you through it makes it all seem a lot easier than it first appears

Review- Until recently the only sponge ball stuff I could do was a naff version of the suggested routine that comes with the Gosh set of balls. Thanks to this DVD I am now on the way to becoming a sponge ball master.
While the VQ of this DVD makes it look a tad dated, the information crammed into it's mere 40-ish minutes is brilliant. Page's friendly style of teaching is very accessible, and the order in which the stuff is taught is very well structured.
As well as this, watching Page's presentation of his routines has provided me with a valuable lesson in how to talk to an audience. Maybe it's because he is a fellow Scot, but something about his fast talking, but not too fast style really connected with me more than any other things I've seen. It's really got me thinking about the 'patter' side of magic, and this makes the DVD even better value for money.
This is highly recommended to anyone thinking of getting into sponge balls.

Overall- 9/10 Great for beginners, and may even teach veterans the odd thing.

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Dean Sexton
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Re: Patrick Page- Secret Seminars of Magic: Sponge Balls DVD

Postby magicwalsh » May 7th, '14, 16:29

I would love to add some sponge ball routines either for Adult close up or kids, should i go for pat pages dvd or steve dacri toolbox dvd ??

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Re: Patrick Page- Secret Seminars of Magic: Sponge Balls DVD

Postby artychris » May 7th, '14, 16:48

I'm not a spomge ball type of magician, (in fact, I'm about as far away from this as a magician can be!) but I recently bought the Toolbox for a mate as a gidt, and couldn't resist a quick watch (for all that, I love watching juat about any type of magic!).

The Toolbox is an excellent package! A set of sponge balls and a few other bits, plus a comprehensivve and pretty varied DVD. For me the biggest drawback was the age of it! It looks a bit dated now, and the chaptering isn't very clever at all... But the magic on offer is superb! :)

Maybe I have made the choice harder rather than easier!

However, I don't think you'll go to far wrong with the toolbox set...

There certainly will be others on here who are far more qualified in the world of spnge than me to answer this, but whatever happens, let us know what you get and how you find it.

Good luck :)

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