Tricks suited for small videos

Struggling with an effect? Any tips (without giving too much away!) you'd like to share?

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Tricks suited for small videos

Postby nickmadsen » Jan 13th, '20, 13:18

Hey. I've been thinking about doing some short videos for entertainment/promo purposes. But the thing is, that I've been away from the magic market for many years, as I've just been doing my usuall stuff, not feeling the need to buy new things.

So before I completely start searching the web for ideas. I was wondering, if you guys have any suggestions or knowledge about tricks, that would be suitable for creating short videos? Now my style is comedy and mindreading, but not too much into card tricks for example. So my first thought is that FALL by Banachek and Philip Ryan could be suitable for me. I was also thinking about doing some kind of toxic card force, and reveal it with a card in cealing or

Any input is much appreciated

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