Bucket Head / Buckethead by Brad Manuel

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Bucket Head / Buckethead by Brad Manuel

Postby jamieclark » Sep 15th, '05, 17:06

Have just shelled out the £100 necessary to aquire this excellent looking childrens effect by Brad Manuel.
For those that haven't seen it its quite a funny concept....You place a big magic hat on a child and it keeps slipping down covering their face! In an effort to make the hat fit you put it on the bucket and then out the cucket over their head. Now comes the fun part......Their is a flap over the bucket which covers the childs face...You attach a foot pump to the bucket and start to pump....As you pump the kids shout that the hat is getting bigger and bigger! Finally you open the flap and the kids head now appears to be huge! It does look really funny and the kids LOVE this part. OOPS! Time to get their head back down to normal again....You cover the face again and release the pump to a marvellous sound like a party blowout as the hat deflates...The bucket is removed and the child head is back to normal.
The good points on this are obvious and kids seem to really like this one....they actually see a friends head looking huge which is really fun! Its also got lots of scope for involving a brother of sister to help with the pumping and visually its pleasing.
Bad points are that not all children want to wear the bucket on their head ,it doesnt pack in a case so takes a fair bit of room in the car and finally the cost seems quite alot for what you get! However...As a kids item its really different and up to date....
Advise on this item.....Great fun..BUT....GO AND SEE ONE IN ACTION BEFORE YOU BUY!
Jamie :D

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Postby Demitri » Sep 15th, '05, 18:29

I don't even really perform for kids and I want one!!!

Great review. Sounds like a really cool and unique effect.

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Postby dorian » Sep 16th, '05, 09:33


Can you give me a link to where you bought this item as it sounds fabulous.


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Postby Happy Toad » Sep 16th, '05, 10:18

One point I will make with this effect is that I've noticed sometimes particularily with younger children they get a bit frightened standing with their head in a bucket, so you need to pick your volunteer with some care.

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Postby katrielalex » Sep 16th, '05, 15:52

You can see it here if you scroll down...

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Postby FlipBack » Sep 16th, '05, 19:14

sounds like a hilarious effect. Makes me want to try it on an adult in a comedy routine.

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Postby Jordan1133 » Sep 27th, '07, 05:15

Does anyone know if there is a video clip of this effect somewhere? Like, does the head really look twice the size of it's original. I like to see the trick before I fork out the money. Thanks, Jordan

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Postby SidoonMan » Sep 27th, '07, 09:13

Here's where you can find it - $119.95 at Hocus Pocus.


Assistants in a kids show are usually helping create part of the magic. With this effect, a kid would stand with a bucket on their head and hear laughter for 2-3 mins, without being in on the joke. Not good IMHO. Maybe you could get "Dad" up for this effect as long as he doesn't mind being humiliated.

Then again, my opinion is based purely on a geordie upbringing:

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Regards as always

Bigheed :lol:

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Postby Jordan1133 » Sep 27th, '07, 09:17

I meant a video clip of it being performed. Thanks, Jordan

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Postby pcwells » Sep 27th, '07, 09:53

Can anyone confirm whether this prop is big enough for an adult 'volunteer'?

I would never use this on a kid in my shows, but I like the suggestion of using it on a parent or teacher.


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