criss angel botched "illusion" now exposed as a ph

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Come on fellow magicians...

Postby acesover » Nov 1st, '05, 01:10

What Chris did if the original poster is correct is really not an illusion or a magic effect. Example. If you are performing in front of spectators and let us say that you are going to make an object disapear. Say a vase with flowers in it. Do you really think that this is a magic trick if you tell the spectators to close their eyes and while closed you have someone take the vase of flowers off the stage? Well in effect that is exactly what Chris did. Cripes I can make an elephant disappear with no problem in front of a live audience if I just ask them to close their eyes for about a minute while my stooges walk the elephant off the stage. OK now open your eyes presto the elephant is gone. Pretty slick huh? NOT. Not magic or an illusion just blatant misues of the title magician or illusionist. If you believe this to be magic then Walt Disney was one of the best magicians that ever lived.

Just my opninion and we all know what opinions are like, you know the saying about everyone having one. Thanks for reading this far.

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Postby Unpret » Nov 11th, '05, 04:37

Your saying he sets actors up. Maybe on little tricks, but how do you explain a trick such as lets say Oasis. Where there are 10,000 people just from the city comin in to see. I don't think he sets up 10,000 actors/actresses. So if that is indeed true..then explain the Oasis...

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People in on it.

Postby Mezemo » Nov 11th, '05, 20:27

It's certainly possible that part of Criss's crew is in on some of the tricks.
I read somewhere that even david blane does stupidly simple tricks involving camera men that appear to be difficult. I won't say anything though.

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Postby Mezemo » Nov 11th, '05, 20:29

10,000 people certainly weren't in on the trick lol.

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Postby iummydd » Nov 12th, '05, 16:47

Oasis was a dead easy escape!
All that it was consisted on is the specially built tank and the diversion his brother made when he climbed the tank

He said himself once that the only reason he didn't do oasis on the supernatural special is because he didn't had the money needed to build it.

The only real hard thing was actually staying in that small space without eating nor doing his "needs" (like in submerged), and even that was shorter than was suppose because he felt too weak to do the escape.

now I don't want to disrespect, I mean I love Houdini's escapes so why not one that criss invented, but the thing is that all the oasis episode he insisted on the fact that he only going to figure out inside how to escape, which is basically the dumbest thing you can say considering the fact the tank was costume made and he was locked inside.

I don't like criss so much; first because he is so cool and I would sell my mother for his career. But also because his presentations for the tricks suck balls (I got totally (Deleted by Mods) off with all the "glass is a liquid" speech he gave in the passing thru window illusion), and also because he sold himself out by dropping his cool Goth freakie magic appearance for a cheap TV magician appearance.

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Postby musical_racket » Nov 13th, '05, 01:34

I personally respect Criss and enjoy his tv show on the simple basis that despite the fact that most of his tricks are fake and etc. I watch it because his trick and most of ways he portrays them are pretty creative.....I don't know of any other magician to make a coin slide down under his arm skin and cut it open with a razor... ovbiously, that trick is really easy to do, don't get me wrong, but the idea is awesome.

But I also like David Blaine, not because he sounds very bored, tired, and condensending with the way he speaks. But because, 1) He really Can do slight of hand well, and 2) a few of his larger tricks such as his being suspended over London I think for something like 40 days without food, was just his goal to be the best that he can do. Sure there was no magic about it, he claimed no magic about it, yet he proved himself able to do it.

So therefor, Criss and David are very different, yet both have the same purpose. To give the audience (the television watchers) something to enjoy and Think to themselves, "Wouldn't it be so fun if that were real."

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Postby FRANC15 » Nov 13th, '05, 13:42

bananafish i agree wit that and as Demitri sed it was performed for the tv an not the couples in the hall an so is there anything really wrong with using stooges on a tv magic show surely they can just be considered part of an effect...

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Chris Angel

Postby cards » Nov 16th, '05, 12:48

He really is getting a ribbing from everyone. I don't care about his hows I just love his style. I'm a big fan. Wish we had someone like him in the UK

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Postby wardy2001 » Dec 30th, '05, 14:16

Mandrake wrote:IMHO, using camera trickery is roughly on the same level as a singer merely miming to a record - it looks similar to the real thing, but it's not.

I have to agree with you there, it doesn't matter who the magician is, camera trickery is an easy way out. It can only serve to hurt a performers reputation :cry:

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Postby Pyro Ellvelin » Dec 31st, '05, 20:12

Well i also saw one of his effects on the internet. What happend was you saw Criss, and he stops a group of 'random' people. I say 'random' plainly because there is alot of talk about stooges in Criss Angel's work. Anyways Criss asks for a volenteer out of the group, he chooses this guy's girlfriend. Everyone was a little unkeen about this, i mean who wouldn't (unless they were very good actors) but they agreed. Having done this, Criss commands the woman to relax and then forces his hand against her head and sort of shoves her neck to side (sorry dont know how to describe this, i'll try and get the vid posted) and she becomes weak, so weak infact she can't stand and falls into a trance. Her friends help her lay down and then Criss performs his levitation using her. Very impressive levitation, but in real life, if Criss knocked my girl into a state of unconsiousness, then i wouldn't be as relaxed as that guy was lol :roll:

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Postby Demitri » Jan 2nd, '06, 21:25

Pyro, I'm assuming the woman was a stooge for that particular effect. In instances like this (and the now-infamous hallway deja'vu) you need to take a moment and realize who the "audience" is. Is it the person he levitates, or the rest of the group that's standing around.

Camera trickery doesn't really bother me, if the television audience is meant to be the spectator. However, I agree that using camera tricks can and will hurt your performance and reputation if the effect can be performed WITHOUT them. In moderation, nearly anything can have a place. Cameras are really another kind of prop/gimmick. To completely ignore their potential seems like a mistake, to me.

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Postby Midas Kid » Jan 11th, '06, 13:09

However, I agree that using camera tricks can and will hurt your performance and reputation if the effect can't be performed WITHOUT them

This doesn't seemed to have had any effect on Derren. Having seen his live show (and TV shows obviously) I don't think his audience sees a difference. They believe everything he does is one in the same.

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Postby Kryzal » Jan 19th, '06, 20:37

I don't post often. I feel that you are all missing the point. Attack me if you wish. I send you love.



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Postby MagicIain » Jan 20th, '06, 09:19

Just as a point of interest, check this out.

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Postby Demitri » Jan 20th, '06, 17:12

Wow.... just wow.

Did Criss Angel throw sniperx's mom down a flight of stairs or something?

Sure is going through quite a bit of effort to prove Criss Angel is a phony (apparantly the ONLY magician who doesn't use real magic), signing up to forums to make ONE post and then never defending his comments when someone finds a hole in the story.

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