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Dynamic coins

Postby Tenko » Mar 13th, '05, 01:20

Hmmmm, interesting thread :roll:

I had a set of dynamic coins many years ago in my youth and I think that they were on the old shilling (says he, showing his age) :oops:

However, Siege mentioned in the thread how old the effect is ??

Some years ago I picked up an effect called the MT Cylinder in a magic auction. I'm reliably informed that they were manufactured just after the war so will be about 60yrs old.

The effect resembles dynamic coins but only has one fake cap. This contains a stack of 3d pieces (threepeny bits. I believe they were called) with one loose one on the top.

The effect hinges arround making the coins dissapear. When you assemble the two caps with the collar in the middle you hold them between finger and thumb and shake then close to the spectators ear. The rattling is caused by the loose collar.

At whatever magic time you choose you push your finger and thumb offset and so stop the collar rattling thereby making the coins apparently dissapear as you rattle the caps. By simply squeezing with your finger and thumb only you lock the coins into the cap. The quality is such that you can throw the false cap onto the table without getting a rattle.


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Postby SlipperyPenguin » Aug 9th, '05, 17:31

I maybe a bit behind the times here..

but I just bought this at my not so local magic shop but you can also get it for £7 on emagictricks. It's the 10p version with some very nice brass caps, and yes I thinks it's a great little trick and easy to do.

In fact I bought two sets and now do a variation based loosely on a cup and balls type thing using 2 then 3 and then back to 2 caps for the final spin ending. At one point I have three caps and two coin piles (maybe this is a bit of overkill but it seems to work). Locing them after I've finished stops anyone figuring out how this works.

Yep.. great trick and for £7 now it's brilliant value.


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Postby railman » Oct 14th, '06, 15:35

I bought this trick this week for £8 at a local joke shop and am very pleased at the quality. Yoo say that silver coins can be "turned" into pennies, no where in the instructions that came with it is this mentioned and I can't see how, can anybody shed any light on it

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Postby Stephen Ward » Oct 14th, '06, 15:37

You can also produce polo mints at the end, this is what i used to do when i performed it.

Stephen Ward
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Postby railman » Oct 14th, '06, 15:42

Would it be allowed for you to tell me how ? :oops:

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Postby Renato » Oct 14th, '06, 16:09

I used to perform this - a good explanation, should you ever be asked, as to why one cap has the ring on it and the other doesn't is so that it is clear which one has the coins under.

Worked for me anyway :wink:.

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Postby dat8962 » Oct 14th, '06, 17:27

Nice to see an old post like this ressurrected :lol:

Many of the sets produced these days are cheap so if you've got a brass set then you've done fairly well for £8 I'd say.

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Postby Lord Freddie » Oct 14th, '06, 18:18

It's a great trick, but so many non-magic shops sell it these days that quite a few people have it. Still baffles those who haven't though.

People like to bash them about afterwards to discover the secret so it's always best to ensure you push them thumbs hard before handing out for inspection! :wink:

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dynamic coins

Postby Thewayniac » Oct 16th, '06, 15:30

i used to do this trick, i would always produce a £5.00 note at the end, for some reason it really seems to throw specs off the scent, pushing the caps hard and handing out for examination, never been caught, i have an alternative routine which really works well.

havnt used em for a while though...mmmmmm

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Postby leviticus » Oct 17th, '06, 11:35

this was one of the first tricks I bought mainly because of the price and ease to do it. Since learning bigger more complex tricks this little beauty
has been left in the back of my magic draw.
I'm the same as everyone else I suppose as your skill grows you leave behind some of your more basic tricks. Unfortunatley what we forget is as our skill grows our laymans audience doesn't. If it impressed us once it will still impress them. Every once in a while a friend will come round to the house with kids and I put on a small show for them DC sometimes comes out ,it always delights ALL viewers. So I'm really stuck as why I don't have it in my main trick case.
Guess its a classic "a little knowledge can be dangerous"
what the heck I'll put it in my case after this post


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Postby seige » Oct 17th, '06, 11:45

A real treat with this effect—facilitated by the fact that Woolworths (via Marvins) and Hawkins, to name just two, sell this for about £5—is to sucker the end, to show how it's done.

Then, produce and actual stack of 10p coins.

This MAY sound like exposure, but if someone shows the SLIGHTEST sign of knowing how the effect is done, or you're performing to Magi, then the final ending can be spectacular.

Simple setup with real 10p's and a very small amount of wax ;)

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Postby magicbeanpeddlar » Oct 17th, '06, 23:51

Along that same idea i use just one cap for a baffling little coins through table effect.

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Sticky coins

Postby Davebo » Oct 23rd, '06, 15:50

I can't remember where I got my coins from (I think they are Marvins). The haven't loosened up over time. I've never performed it because the coins are just too sticky and require a REAL clatter to do the effect.

Any ideas? Or should I give up and spend £8 at emagictricks?

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Postby Jordan C » Oct 23rd, '06, 17:51

Dynamic coins was the first effect I bought and from there on in the rest as they say, is history!! For easy self working magic you really can't get much better however....... patter is soooooooooooo important with this as I have seen it performed by many people and some will be "look, coins, no coins, coins on top, coins now underneath" etc, give the effect some punch with suspense and patter and this is a knock em out effect!!

Davebo wrote:I can't remember where I got my coins from (I think they are Marvins). The haven't loosened up over time. I've never performed it because the coins are just too sticky and require a REAL clatter to do the effect.

Any ideas? Or should I give up and spend £8 at emagictricks?

A very light touch of vaseline on the *ahem can't say but you will know where* loosens em up, not too much though or they'll come flyin!!!

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Sorry, I'm a newbie

Postby jerry524 » Nov 6th, '06, 23:36

I just bought a set "Fifty Greatest Magic Tricks" which included "Dynamic Coins", but I only found 2 brass caps and a ring, there's no coin, do I have to buy fake coins separately please?

Thank you very much.


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