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Re: Sorry, I'm a newbie

Postby Jordan C » Nov 6th, '06, 23:39

jerry524 wrote:I just bought a set "Fifty Greatest Magic Tricks" which included "Dynamic Coins", but I only found 2 brass caps and a ring, there's no coin, do I have to buy fake coins separately please?

Thank you very much.


Your first post sounds suspiciously like a request for secrets!!

If you have them, you know how it works!!

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Jordan C
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Postby Mandrake » Nov 7th, '06, 12:13

Were there no instructions with your purchase Jerry? If not, contact the place where you bought them and ask for a copy - they need to know if items are being sold incomplete or without the rather essential instructions.

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Postby jerry524 » Nov 10th, '06, 22:04

Thanks a lot for reply, I do have the instructions but I don't have the coins, I saw you guys were talking about sticky coins, do I have to practice with my own coins or they should supply some?

Have a great weekend.


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Postby Mandrake » Nov 10th, '06, 22:24

Trust me on this - if the trick came from a reputable source, they have supplied almost everything you need. You will need to add certain items but that should be clearly expalined in the instructions.

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Postby railman » Nov 12th, '06, 14:04

I must admit that I had a little problem initially due to some cardboard packing, but if given a serious rap against a really hard surface all should become apparent.

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Postby merlino750 » Nov 13th, '06, 16:11

TheOldForum wrote: Trick Type: Coin
Price: 15 pounds from Marvin's Magic, 8.99 from www.alakazam.co.uk
Difficulty: 2 (out of 5)
Examinable: Not really, but can be tolerated
Angles: Any
Reset: Instant


2 brass caps and a ring are shown. Instantly a stack of 10p coins appear under one cap. After they are covered they teleport to the other cap. They can also penetrate metal. The 10p coins transform instantly to pennies IN THE HANDS OF THE AUDIENCE.


This is a good trick to show to the layman, but it is probably overused. The price from Marvin's Magic is hardly worth paying, although it does come in one of their executive magic sets. I've tried the tricks several times, and the effect is good only that the audience inevitably want to examine the brass caps. Also, they have to be made to precision, because if these tricks are badly made you're only begging to be burnt. Overall, a great trick for beginners, but those more adept at magic would not want to spend money on this.

Rating: 8/10

i think the fact they can't examine the coins is a big limit in magic but you can just go ahead and perform something else, or make everything vanish :D

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Postby dat8962 » Nov 13th, '06, 20:16

There are lots of things inmagic that you can't hand out for inspection and it's the performers job to make sure that the spec believes that there is nothing to examine anyway.

I always hand out the empty caps for examination at the start of the routine, and hand them out empty for inspection at the end of the routine. I pocket the ring and if someone wants to look at the ring, I take the cap back as I hand over the ring.

I've never been caught!

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Postby Davebo » Dec 22nd, '06, 16:11

Jordan C wrote:A very light touch of vaseline
Of course. Helps with most things.
Thanks JordanC. :wink:

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Postby Varath » Oct 16th, '07, 00:03


Usually i stick to card magic but this box seemed lovely.

Like Jerry524 i bought the 'Fifty greatest magic tricks' aswell from Marvin's magic but the set only contains the 2 brass cups and the ring. What coins do i need to use or should it be delivered in the package?

The manual says : These false stacks are so well hidden you may initially believe they are missing from your set - they are not !

Ive hit them hard on a touch surface but dont see them appearing...

I guess i have to use my own coins or iam i mistaken?
Hope any1 can help me who has bought these from Marvin's Magic.

Thx in advance,

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Postby Varath » Oct 16th, '07, 08:29

Ok, this is quite funny.

I had a dream about this trick and it provided me with the anwser :)

Nvm, already found it

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Postby pcwells » Oct 16th, '07, 09:54

Did anybody get an answer about the 'posh' Dynamic Coins, mentioned way back in 2003?

The old Tenyo version, designed for old 5p pieces was the trick that got me well and truly hooked on magic (well over 25 years ago, I think!). I still think it's a killer trick and for sheer sentimental value, I'd love a super-duper posh set.



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Postby bmat » Oct 18th, '07, 04:22

A few points. Back in the day I have sold hundreds of this effect. Make sure you get a good set. Strangely I like Tenyo and I find you can hand them out to be examined, however I am unsure of the point. With a little bit of thought it can go far beyond what the instructions say. Make sure you get a brass set. The plastic is not worth it. Here is my routine. I use Candian coins because I'm Canadian, now I live in the states so I use American coins. OF course I will not reveal the secret just the performance and its pretty close to the instructions, however I have not read them in quite some time.

I borrow Four Quarters from my victim. I introduce my transportation device, removing two innocent looking brass caps and a brass ring from my pocket. Allow me to unravel the transporter mystery of Star Trek, all you have to do is follow the ring. I put the ring around one of the caps put the other cap over the stack of 'borrowed' quarters a little tap and the magic words, "beam me up scotty" and the coins vanish from here, "lift the cap" and they wind up here, "lift the other cap" Repeat the effect in reverse. Next put the ring on a cap turn the cap over place the four coins on top of the cap. cover the coins with the second cap and like a hot coal melting through ice the coins pass right through the cap. Finally I take the stack of coins place them on a face up cap, (hollow side up) place the ring around the whole business place the other cap on top of the coins so the caps are now face to face coins tucked inside, ring around the middle. Give a shake, spin the whole deal like a top. When the caps come apart the coins have vanished. Pick both caps up and place them in a spectators palm. Where have the quarters transported too? give a little grin and remove them from your pocket. Replace the caps in their hands with their quartes and the caps go back into your pocket from whence they came. Then I usually do a coin matrix with the coins.

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Postby Jordi » Apr 30th, '11, 13:43

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Postby BrucUK » Apr 30th, '11, 15:02

I had not actually ever seen this until I saw it being demo'd at Hamleys.
I now always go in when pasing to see if someone is there performaing it, it's beautiful when done well :D

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Postby Pickman » May 14th, '11, 13:39

I think it was back in the 70's when I first saw this and I have to admit it blew me away. I had a suspicion of the method because of the old cap and pence trick but the use of two caps and the way the routine was put together was very effective.

Back then I couldn't afford to buy a set because at that time they were very expensive, a few years later I bought a set (I think they were made by Tenyo) I thought they were great but I was never comfortable with the 'Magic Money Ring' as a more astute spectator with a bit of experimentation might work out the method.

I actually devised a way to perform it without the ring, it's a bit 'fiddly' and you have to be very careful but it does work, though to be honest if you fumble at any time there is a chance you could accidentally expose the secret using this method. It's probably best reserved for magician friends only, 'If it ain't broke, don't fix it' :)

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