Poker Chip Surprise - Joe Porper

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Poker Chip Surprise - Joe Porper

Postby Demitri » Jan 7th, '06, 00:09

Well - time to start reviewing some of my Christmas presents!

Poker Chip Surprise - Joe Porper

US - $85
UK - £55

Top Secret Magic - - Not a direct link, but you can find it under the "New In" section.

Elmwood Magic -

2-3(or higher, depending on HOW the trick is performed -see below-): Not difficult to pull off. It's almost self-working, but requires a small bit of handling. Presentation and a bit of misdirection is also helpful.

Basically, this is a variation of a traditional Double Copper, Silver Transposition.

The performer produces a pouch, taking three poker chips of different colors from it (Red, Yellow and Green). Placing all three chips on his left palm, he closes his hand then says he will remove just one chip. Pulling the red chip from his closed hand, the magician places it on the back of his own hand - showing his hand to be completely empty. No funny moves, no gestures or misdirection is used as the performer takes the chip into his right hand, closing it as well.

Instantly (or if you prefer to ask where the red chip is) the performer shows the red chip STILL in the left hand. Opening his right hand, the spectator sees the green and yellow chips.

The performer offers to do this again, slower. The trick is repeated. This is a nice build-up as your specs look more closely, looking for any bit of trickery or sleight of hand. When the effect is repeated, you offer to do it again - but this time in the SPECTATOR'S hand.

The performer lays all three chips in the specs hand, the hand is closed and turned over, the spectator removes the red chip. With a casual toss in the air, the spectator catches the chip and immediately opens his hands to reveal - the yellow and green chips! The spectator opens their hand and the red chip is there.

This bit of business takes some extra confidence. You really need to be sure of what kind of spectator you're dealing with. This is not a phase to use on a skeptic or particularly inquisitive spectator. However, if your confidence is up and you have the right person - this phase can melt brains!

Also the "toss" move is a bit of a scare. I have not tried this in public but it DOES work. You can do the toss without worry. While it is a strong convincer though, I don't think it's absolutely necessary.

As a finale, you offer to do it one more time, this time the switch will be even more impossible. You repeat the moves and remove the red chip. This time, however, you place the chip back into the pouch. Instantly, you wave the pouch over your clenched fist and to the surprise of the audience - the red chip is still in your hand. You now open the pouch and let the yellow and green chips slide out. The chips can be passed out for complete examination!

* Personal note - My only problem with the routine, is the presentation suggestion for the finale. I don't do table work often, so I don't always have a place to lay the pouch and easily slip the red chip inside for the finish. As a result, doing it "in the hands" looks incredibly awkward - since you have to put a chip in a pouch while holding the pouch with a clenched fist. To me, it seemed like a spec could figure a way to work it out.

To solve that problem, I do the third phase as the ending. This way, the spectator is holding the chips - and my hands are free to openly and fairly slide the red chip inside the pouch.

I think this is an incredible effect. If you are familiar with the coin routine, then you can perform this easily. It's almost entirely self-working, requiring minimal ability to perform killer magic. With added flare and handling - it's a smooth-as-butter coin transpo that will slay your spectators.

It's also a step above the coin routine it emulates in that it has built-in patter and storyline possibilities. The routine they provide you with deals with the concept that cheaters in a casino don't count, mark, or palm cards - but that they steal chips when no one is looking. That presentation is powerful, and works well - but really any gambling story arc will make this effect a killer.

Quality: 10/10

What You Get:

3 clay poker chips (Red, Yellow, Green)
Leather carrying pouch

Amazing quality. The gimmick is really well made (not a surprise considering Joe Porper's reputation), and the rest of the materials are all top notch as well. What I like about this, as opposed to the traditional coin versions, is the gimmick sounds the same as the regular chips. Sometimes with coins, you get a distinct difference in the sound when they "talk". No problems here.

The regular chips are standard looking casino chips. Nothing much to say here. They look good. One concern I had when I opened these, is that all of the chips have a bit of black "tape" around the edges. However, my suspicions and worries seemed to be just that - mine. No one has ever commented on them.

The pouch is good quality leather. It serves its' purpose well and can easily be adapted for any other routines of this nature. It has velcro to close the pouch, instead of snaps.

Quick, simple, direct and, above all - powerful! It's a little pricey, but most precision coin effects of this nature aren't cheap. You get what you pay for, though. A great magical effect! If you have some extra cash, it's a great addition to your collection!


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Postby dorian » Jan 7th, '06, 15:07

Great review.

I also have this effect and it is fabulous and quite easy to do one you have maseterd the 2 moves involved.

The quality of the chips and the purse is wonderfull and it knocks pepole for six as you have four traspo's happening first 2 in your hands then one in the specs and then the final one in the wallet its just great.

This is one of the tricks I carry as I love performing it.


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Postby FlipBack » Jan 7th, '06, 20:07

Sounds fantastic. Once my bank account recovers from Christmas I will strongly consider purchasing this.

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Postby shanester » Jan 19th, '06, 15:39

I wanted a Copper/ Silver/ Brass routine and didn't want the sets that are available, so when I saw this I jumped on it.
The props are Porper and so are fantastic.
The routine is ok but if you want a few improvements in the handling then I suggest you look at Doc Eason's CSB routine on his Bar Magic DVDs- much more natural.
I have found that you can do the 3rd phase entirely in the hands- put the red chip on the back of the left hand and take the pouch back (from the right pocket) and hold it by the back left corner with the left thumb and forefinger (of the fist that is holding the green and yellow coins that you just put in there). Proceed as written.
This probably works better if there is a table to rest the pouch on though.

A great effect and a great time to be doing poker chip effects


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Postby crispy » Sep 21st, '07, 21:16

I can't believe in this day and age where poker is so popular that more people don't own this wonderful effect.

Its truly brilliant, I use it in conjunction with the effect "Freewill" .
If you have both give me a shout and i will let you know my routine, it allows the chips to be fully inspected before after and IMO the ending is slightly stronger.

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Postby Demitri » Sep 22nd, '07, 07:00

Hey Crispy. I'd be interested to hear more about your routine.

Also - if you aren't aware of it. Joe Porper put out a few more poker chip effects - all of which are top notch. I highly recommend them for gambling-based effects.

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Postby Sleightech » Jul 16th, '08, 00:11

I had a good old nose at Joe Porpers stand at Blackpool a few years back. I saw these, or something very similar, and the one on show was broken. I don't want to expand on it too much, but it was the poker chip equivalent of a standard coin gaff. Due to it being made out of plastic the edge is very thin, and inherently weak. Nowhere near as strong as a metal one. I think you'd have to be more careful how you handled these, comparitively.

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Postby shanester » Jul 16th, '08, 22:29

I'd have to disagree with this being either thin or weak. Yes it is like a standard coin gaff (CSB), but is well made and durable (or the one I've had for a few years certainly is


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