Professors Nightmare/ Unequal Ropes

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Postby dat8962 » Sep 5th, '07, 12:55

I really don't do this trick anymore I'ts a good trick but I got some better card tricks and stuff like that.

Card tricks aren't better - they're different and I suspect that you're looking at it from the performers view point rather than that of an audience. Once you have the unequal ropes routine well practiced and have the right presentation, it's as good a piece of magic to watch as any card trick.

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Postby ominoustom » Sep 6th, '07, 00:11

I'm glad i got this trick a few years ago, now i just stuff three bits of string in my pocket and just use them as a mini trick, rather than having to carry the rope around.
Works just as well.. but a little less grand.

But yeah, once you know the secret its one of those tricks thats simple enough to take with you where ever you go.

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